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[WINDOWS] Harmony remote without eventghost - Haligan - 2009-08-02

I have looked at a few post about using Harmony remote with xbmc. I have an old computer running xbmc using event ghost and MCE remote/USB-IRT. Is there anyway to use the harmony remote with the USB-IRT without event ghost? I have tried setting the remote up to control a computer/Microsoft/MCE keyboard/ configured keys and still no luck.

I know I can transfer the codes from the MCE remote to the Harmony remote but wanted to try to eliminate event ghost if possible.

Any ideas?

- Haligan - 2009-08-03

Ok, I removed what programing I had and added the HTPC back and it works. Just have to tweak the buttons.

- Haligan - 2009-08-06

Has anyone got the play, pause and stop to work with out eventghost? I have tried many things and have not been able to get them to work.

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