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[MAC] How to remove "unremovable" (default?) sources (not in sources.xml)? - snowdrift - 2009-08-08

OSX Version: 10.5.7
Platform: MacBook Pro
XBMC SVN Revision: XBMC 9.04.1 r20677
Skin: xTV revision 2269

When I select Photos, Movies and Music (in non-Library mode) from the Home screen in XBMC using the xTV skin, I *always* get a source called the same name as my home folder (i.e. /Users/<myhomefolder>) which I did not add myself (alongside the sources I have added). I can't remove this by the usual method of pressing the 'C' key then "Remove Source" as this particular option does not appear in the list. I've checked in userdata/sources.xml and it doesn't appear in there either.

Seems like some kind of default addition to me () but as I like to keep my folders neat with only the sources I've added, I'm keen to remove it. Any ideas? (I've read previous posts on a similar theme which say that this will be fixed in a revision less than the one I have, so is this possibly a still outstanding issue?). Thanks for any help in advance!

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