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MiniMeedia v0.95 Released (19/08/2009) - skunkm0nkee - 2009-08-19

First of all a big apology for the lack of releases and updates over the last few weeks/months but things have got very complicated and busy (both at work and at home) so I just don't have the time to do much skin coding at the moment.

My time may be limited but I still want to get this skin up to scratch and in a bug-free state. In order to achieve this I'm going to have to call a feature freeze and concentrate on tidying up what bugs are in there.

Once all the bugs are squashed then I'll be able to get the v1.00 release out and get the skin code into the Official XBMC Skinning SVN.

I have managed to make a few changes in the limited time I've had recently but I haven't really had the time to test them all properly.

The main changes are as follows:
  • Added: Displaying of latest movies and episodes to Home screen
  • Added: Option to Hide Latest Videos on Home
  • Added: Music Playlist Editor screen
  • Added: Music Player Controls to Music Vis screen
  • Added: Russian translation (thanks to fat.hamster)
  • Added: Chinese translation (thanks to taxigps)
  • Added: Further 13 studio logos
  • Fixed: Navigating to cast list in video info dialogs
  • Fixed: Width of Director value in Episode Info dialog
  • Fixed: Runtime was overlapping the resolution and aspect flags
  • Fixed: Made sure that music info is hidden on music vis screen when lyrics is active
  • Updated: made text more readable by adding a darker shadow color
  • Updated: Widened area for clock on Video OSD (so it works better with larger fonts)
  • Updated: Fixed displaying of animated weather on home
  • Updated: Tidied up RSS display on home screen
  • Updated: Dutch translation (thanks to Waffa and mcage)
  • Updated: Portuguese translation (thanks to xbs08)
  • Updated: German translation (thanks to Haggy)
  • Updated: Italian translation (thanks to ZIOLele)
  • Updated: Swedish translation (thanks to blittan)
  • Updated: Italian translation (thanks to ZIOLele)
  • Updated: Spanish translation (thanks to Melandryu)

If you do find any bugs please post details (with screenshots if possible) and I'll look to get them all cleared up as quickly as I can.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped during the development of the skin and (time permitting) I'll be able to get back and add new features and improvements in the (not too distant) future.

Use Recent Version of XBMC
In order to get the best out of this release you need to be using a version of XBMC built in the in the week or so (since the changes to XBMC for media flags has only just been added). As yet the media flagging has not been added to a t3ch release so just use the most recent available.

If you do decide to use it without an up to date version of XBMC then you may find that you can't see any of the media flags and none of the backgrounds appear. You have been warned. Shocked

If you really have to run an old version (or you run PLEX which doesn't support the newer features that XBMC does) then have a look at this thread - Temporary Fixes for Older XBMC Builds

Genre Poster Packs
In this version I've added support for Genre Poster Packs (such as the one in this thread - Movie Genre Posters). To take advantage of this feature please see this thread - MiniMeedia and Genre Poster Packs

If you do find any problems or have any suggestions on improvements to the skin please describe them as fully as possible and give screenshots where possible.

Have fun and enjoy!


Skin download link - MiniMeedia v0.95

Background Images
The skin itself does not contain any real background images since most users will already have a set of background images that they like (for MediaStream and Aeon skins etc) and I assume most users will be using fanart for the Movies and TV Shows anyway.

I have a nice set of custom background images that I use and aim to provide download links so that users can use these if they want.

Background download links -
Movies - Movies Backgrounds 1 Movies Backgrounds 2
TV Shows - TV Show Backgrounds
Videos - Videos Backgrounds
Music - Music Backgrounds
Pictures - Pictures Backgrounds
System - System Backgrounds
Power - Power Backgrounds
DVD - DVD Backgrounds

The skin is setup to work with Weather Fanart (the weather background should match the current weather conditions) and to get this working properly I recommend downloading timdog's Weather Fanart pack

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-08-19

I'll ad some screenshots of the new stuff when I get a second. Wink

- grupy - 2009-08-19

thnx for posting the latest update!

Ill have to check this out once I get some free time...cant wait to see some screenies!

- ezechiel1917 - 2009-08-19

hooray! NodNod

- Waffa - 2009-08-19

Thx Skunk Big Grin

- xbs08 - 2009-08-19

Thank you!

I prefer the "traditional" way to get to latest (less clicks the better).

- Waffa - 2009-08-19

little bug:
Navigating to cast works, but can't scroll to the next actor.

BTW: Like this very much Nod
Added: Music Playlist Editor screen

xbs08 Wrote:I prefer the "traditional" way to get to latest (less clicks the better).


- ezechiel1917 - 2009-08-19

reporting few bugs

1) FF & Rewind icons overlaps navigation bar

2) when OSD menu slides in or out when playing a video, you can see for a while movie/episode synopsis text overlapping navigation buttons. I've tried to capture it, but without success, it's very brief, yet annoying

3) No OSD when changing View mode with AspectRatio (keyboard "z", you have to first press CodecInfo (keyboard "o") to see OSD in next picture

4) file path text in Info mode is wrongly aligned and trimmed, also is file size supposed to work there?

- ezechiel1917 - 2009-08-19

Waffa Wrote:little bug:
Navigating to cast works, but can't scroll to the next actor.

hmm, it works for me :O up/down on remote

- xbs08 - 2009-08-19

2) This one is nasty!

3) This is not a bug it's intentional.

- Bram77 - 2009-08-19

Great work. The new version is now available from the xbmc-xbox-skins repository.


- ezechiel1917 - 2009-08-19

xbs08 Wrote:3) This is not a bug it's intentional.

Why should it be intentional? It's quite confusing not to know what mode you're on Sad

- xbs08 - 2009-08-19

Some ppl like it this way. But you can know, press "o" and then "z" on your keyboard Big Grin
Comment/delete this line in videofullscreen.xml

PHP Code:

- Waffa - 2009-08-19

ezechiel1917 Wrote:hmm, it works for me :O up/down on remote

Tested on windows with keyboard, First actor of list I can highlight but can't go down !

xbs08 Wrote:2) This one is nasty!

3) This is not a bug it's intentional.

Huh works fine in 0.90

- ezechiel1917 - 2009-08-20

Anyone else getting instant crash (windows) / restart (linux) when going to System/Settings/Videos/Player ? It looks something got broken since some xbmc svn (svn 21640 works fine, latest not) I can't reproduce with other skins.