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IR and keyboard commands - Marbieskarb - 2009-08-28

I have an XBOX DVD Dongle (Converted to USB) and a Harmony 520 remote which works perfect with standard remote commands under XBMC Live 9.04.1. I have already used "mode2" to extract my IR codes (i.e. 0xd2) from all the extra buttons my Harmony 520 is sending which, allows me do add/customize extra remote functions. I have already successfully added more remote commands (i.e. "power") by modifying the Lircmap.xml and lircd.conf.

What I'm trying to do is set an IR command to do a keyboard character (i.e I want to be able to type the alphabet using my universal remote.)

How would I be able to achieve this?

I'm thinking it involves me modifying the Keymap.xml along with my Lircmap.xml and lircd.conf but, I have already tried many variations with no love.

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

P.S. one might ask, why the heck does he want to have his universal remote send keyboard commands.....Its becasue I have a Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone and RemoteControl II. The i730 has a hardware keyboard and RemoteControl II can assign IR commands to the hardware keyboard. Once everything is set with the Harmony 520, I can teach it to RemoteControl II. So, I want to be able to type using my hardware keyboard when I need to search (YouTube, Navi-X, etc...)

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