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Windowed mode on movie play - Jeseuss - 2009-08-31

Hi, I'm having a strange problem that I haven't seen described before, but would certainly like to fix.

The problem is thus:

Whenever I play a movie from my hard drive from the movie view, xbmc will go to a semi-windowed state. In this state the taskbar will appear and the xbmc task will blink orange as if to indicate it has a new task or has completed something.

Oddly, this only occurs under the movie view, TV shows and playing from the file manager present no problems. I am running Aeon Showmix 1.70 but this problem occurs under all skins I've tested.

It's probably noteworthy that the problem stopped upon an update a few days ago, but resumed when I updated a few days later. I don't remember the build numbers sorry, but if you need anything else please let me know.

I would truly appreciate help!

Edit: Nevermind, someone in the windows help section posted slightly before me and I didn't see it, I apologize.

Regardless, I fixed the issue by turning on the "Disable desktop composition" after right-clicking the xbmc.exe.

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