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Good/Great Video Editor? - XBMCG33K - 2009-09-09

Since I cannot post in the off-topic section I'm posting this here. I am absolute smeg when it comes to editing videos. Are there any suggestions for an "easy" program to use, or even better someone here who is really good at editing video?

Could get an early copy of Xperience out of it if so ...

- KidKiwi - 2009-09-09

I use the Womble Video Editor (Not free). It has an interesting interface some would say, but it's easy to use, has some nice export functions (including batch) and one version can export directly to the DVD format (MPEG Video Wizard DVD).

I'm certainly no editing expert, but I've done some reasonably good stuff with it. It'll also edit vob's directly.

They do offer a free trial. If I can help more...ask. Hope this helps.

- XBMCG33K - 2009-09-10

Does it let you have cool effects?

- KidKiwi - 2009-09-10

XBMCG33K Wrote:Does it let you have cool effects?

Yes. It comes with quite a few. If you have anything specific you want I can have a look for you.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - Klojum - 2021-01-20

(2021-01-20, 10:14)Greggwebb Wrote: I'm a casual user

Are you also a casual forum visitor?
You just reacted to a 11+ year old forum thread.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - emBIanab - 2021-01-26

Corel VideoStudio, best of all.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - steverex - 2021-02-16

you can try Adobe Premiere Elements, download it here


It worked for me, for minimum animations, and easy to use.

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RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - LindaLewis - 2021-08-03

I just use InShot on my phone. Good editor for me, as simple as possible

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - swetajoshi - 2021-08-15

you can try Adobe Premiere Pro or Pinnacle Studio.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - iskonz - 2021-09-23

(2021-08-15, 09:47)swetajoshi Wrote: you can try Adobe Premiere Pro or Pinnacle Studio.

+1 for each of these. I don't think you will find any other better options than these two.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - BillyECarroll - 2021-09-30

highly recommend davinci.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - Druise - 2022-03-02

When I started video editing with the software, it was a WonderShare Filmore. It's a perfect video editing tool to edit through a laptop or now it is also available in-app but doesn't use yet. But now necessary videos can edit on mobile easily.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - the_other_guy - 2022-03-03

the best free is DaVinci Resolve 
DaVinci Resolve 17 is the world’s only solution that combines professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all in one software tool! You can instantly move between editing, color, effects, and audio with a single click.
DaVinci Resolve Studio is also the only solution designed for multi user collaboration so editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers can all work live on the same project at the same time! Whether you’re an individual artist, or part of a large collaborative team, it’s easy to see why DaVinci Resolve is the standard for high end post production and finishing on more Hollywood feature films, television shows and commercials than any other software.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - TirthDube - 2022-05-03

I have good experience with the wonder share Filmora(licensed version, There are limitations on without licensed) video editor,  But I'm using it to edit the personal videos so it's good to go without purchasing it.
I found it easier video editor so I'm sharing it. I never used it for work.

RE: Good/Great Video Editor? - Klojum - 2022-05-03

(2022-05-03, 11:34)TirthDube Wrote: But I'm using it to edit the personal videos so it's good to go without purchasing it.

So you like watermarks on your personal videos with your unlicensed version? Okay.
There are video editors without fuzz and are free, such as Kdenlive.

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