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[RELEASE] Rapier 2.0 - scarfa - 2009-09-17

The goal is to provide a simple but elegant interface that emphasizes efficiency when browsing your media. Important considerations are put on usability, performance, and providing the user with flexibility when it comes to customization. Rapier supports the latest XBMC features and new ones will be added in the future as long as it fits in with Rapier’s design goals.


- Custom backgrounds for every category
- Fanart support
- Media flagging support for every view including the video player
- Support for studio logos
- Horizontal navigation system
- Mouse friendly design
- Uses the latest XBMC features for smoother animations and scrolling
- Flexible customization via skin settings


Included are colour variations of the default background for those who do not like the standard blue. You can find it in media/backgrounds folder. Just rename the desired colour to default-background.jpg. Missing studio logos can also be added in media/studios folder. They will need to be renamed exactly to how it would show up in movie/tv show information for them to work correctly.


Current Version: Rapier v2.0

Notable features added:

- Refinements to the GUI
- Completely remade the media flag icons
- Navigation sounds

Some functionality may not work correctly on the official 9.04.1 stable release. It is strongly recommended to use the latest SVN builds.


Rapier v2.0 (02-Oct-09)

* gui: updated top options bar graphics
* gui: updated top options bar drop down menu graphics
* gui: updated top bar graphics
* gui: updated top bar eject and shutdown menu button graphics
* gui: updated all sound and video media flag icons
* gui: modified bottom pane overlay transparency
* gui: updated bottom pane top highlight
* fullscreen player: updated the settings buttons graphics
* fullscreen player: modified made the settings buttons 5 px bigger
* fullscreen player: fixed: opensubtitles_osd script podnapisi logo doesn't show if service is selected
* skin settings: modified if movies/tvshows has no content in library disable option to hide the categories
* skin setttings: fixed when image path is focused and the background image preview is shown and then when focus is given to a button in the categories area the preview image is still there
* settings: modified some label2 descriptions on bottom info pane
* general: modified when system tray is selected the shutdown menu button now is the default focus
* gui: modified system tray pulses when eject or power options button has focus
* general: new clicking weather notification on top bar activates the weather window
* views: updated plot now auto scrolls by default
* skin settings: new option to disable auto scrolling of plot for movies wrap list info, tv shows list info, and episodes list info views
* home: fixed when general or system category is selected the adjacent items may show a category that was previously hidden via skin settings
* general: updated media flag support for differen't naming conventions
* home: fixed rss feeds menu bar being hidden also when the option to hide the menu bar is enabled
* general: fixed opensubtitles_osd settings dialog not showing the header labels for the differen't sections
* general: updated file browser icon view now shows labels
* general: modified file browser icon view shows the background first even if thumbs are still loading
* general: updated names and deleted some studio icons
* wraplist info view: updated focused position shows a reflection on item when it doesn't have focus anymore
* general: modified height of weather image on top bar
* wide icon view: updated zoom animation is applied on focused item
* skin settings: new option to hide the dvd case for wraplist info view
* list view: updated thumb cover border graphics
* fullsceen player: new show codec information for video player
* fullscreen player: new view mode information for video player
* fullscreen player: updated codec information background graphics
* home: modifed hide bottom menu pane when numeric keypad is visible
* general: fixed when clear key is focused pressing left does nothing
* general: modified increased height of favourites dialog
* general: new when dvd disc is inserted, show play disc button in the shutdown menu
* gui: updated shutdown menu background to have a variable height based on the number of items
* views: fixed library drop down menu not showing in certain nodes in video and music library
* fullscreen player: modified some osd label colours
* views: updated when the bottom info pane is hidden, all view containers shift down by a fixed amount
* music videos: fixed background not showing when there is music video content
* general: new dim screen when a dialog or options drop down menu is visible
* skin settings: new option to not dim the screen when a dialog or options drop down menu is visible
* home: fixed category icon is still visible when numeric keypad dialog is shown
* list view: fixed list container background dim texture showing the top edge because of incorrect positioning
* big icon view: modified border graphics and changed the animation behaviour when an item has focus
* gui: fixed moved some images out of textures.xpr and into images folder to fix texture scaling issues when using certain resolutions
* general: modified moved all external images out of the media folder and into images folder
* wide icon view: new watched overlay for movies and episodes content
* skin settings: new option to toggle watched overlay for wide icon view
* views: modified bottom info pane label2
* list info view: modified some labels for tv shows
* general: modified tv shows wide icon reflection in information window
* skin settings: new option to hide tv show cover for list view
* skin settings: new option to hide episodes cover for list view
* gui: new navigation and startup sounds







More screenshots...

- queeup - 2009-09-17

I like it... Thx

- nvaia - 2009-09-17

Not to shabby. Good work man!

- igotdvds - 2009-09-17

Looks great. Can you post some other views? Episode view, season view, etc.

I would definitely use this if one thing was changed. I personally like the pause menu at the bottom instead of the top.

Dont get me wrong, I will try it our, just nitpicking, thats all.

- Clumsy - 2009-09-17

Looking at the screenshots I am very eager to try it - looks great and polished !

- stacked - 2009-09-17

Wow, it looks nice.

- paul - 2009-09-17

Really nice and simple skin. Great work hope you keep it updated.Smile

- byakkun - 2009-09-17

It works even nicer than it looks. New default theme for me. Thanks scarfa. You did a great job.

Edit: Thanks also for sparing the drama.

- rwparris2 - 2009-09-17

Looks great! I used it for a few minutes, I'll play around some more when I get home. Once I've done this I'll try to post a bit more.

Nice Icons
Very Nice Animations
Everything is consistent throughout

Navigation could use some work. The settings in the library are particularly painful to use.

- theuni - 2009-09-17

Great skin. Full-featured and polished.

Agreed with navigation. It can be difficult to get where you want to be.


- WeirdH - 2009-09-17

Also agreed on the navigation.

But aside from that, this thing is awesome! Pretty please with the appropriate amount of cherries on top, tweak and maintain it! At least for a while..

It's really sleek and still runs well on the ol' trusty Xbox. I'm also still kind of waiting for Ellipsis, but this looks very promising! Keep it up.

- ronie - 2009-09-17

great skin. well done scarfa!
i'm really liking the smooth animations a lot, especially the slide focus on the system submenu is great.
using blurred images on the home menu is also a nice idea.

i sure hope you find the time to maintain this skin for a while. ;-)

- mavgink - 2009-09-17

wow, it's actually beautiful...

didn't see that coming... Smile

using it now!

- motd2k - 2009-09-17

looks lovely, really really nice... but... the name...

- Villain - 2009-09-17