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Mod Suggestion - igotdvds - 2009-09-26 23:10

Could anyone make the DVD case on the "Case" view be nothing but the poster? I love the view but I'm not a fan of the "case" itself.

- philter - 2009-09-27 09:34


.....boooooo....no replies here...booooo

booooo....go home boooooooo


- scarfa - 2009-09-27 09:35

I can make it an option in skin settings.

- philter - 2009-09-27 10:09

C, you can use this in the mean time:


- igotdvds - 2009-09-27 15:16

scarfa Wrote:I can make it an option in skin settings.

That would be great! Thanks so much for taking suggestions and thanks VERY much for such a great skin!