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- bronco28 - 2008-03-04

Did anyone get this working for the US version?

I am stuck at can't play this URL.....


US Sirius script - bronco28 - 2008-04-24

Can anyone get this to work? I miss streaming Sirius through my xbox.

Request for update of U.S.A. Sirius script - bronco28 - 2008-05-08

Can anyone update thisHuh It would be greatly appreciated - I need to stream Howard throughout my house! Smile

[REQUEST] Sirius Internet Radio Plugin or Script? - jconnor843 - 2008-05-22

I know there was once a script for this that no longer works. Was wondering if anybody is interested in making a plugin or script to stream Sirius radio?
Here is the link to the old script if this helps out anyone:



- jconnor843 - 2008-05-27

I have asked Voinage to look at this for me so hopefully we can get this functionality again going in a plugin version. Cant wait I have to have my Sirius stream back.Nod Is anybody else interested in this functionality?

- Voinage - 2008-05-27

Alright i`m looking into it, there is more to their new website design than meets the eye.

Leave it with me.

Thanks Voinage.

**REQUEST** - Update Sirius Script to work in US - bronco28 - 2008-06-09


I really miss the ability to stream my Sirius through XBMC. I would fix it myself if I could. I just think something changed in the way the website works. Search Sirius in this forum and you will see some information on what the actual problem is.

Thanks in advance.

- Voinage - 2008-06-09

try looking here:
Near the bottom of the page.


- bakubaku - 2008-06-09

Voinage Wrote:try looking here:
Near the bottom of the page.


Hey Voinage! I don't see my request for swedish media in that list?!

- Voinage - 2008-06-09

It`s not on there because i`m still adding the hundreds of categories manually ! MANUALLY!

I couldn`t parse them so i had to create each directory by hand, oh so very slowly.

But it`s about 95% done so relax.

I`m just nobbling the little easy ones from the list of requests and adding to the big ones slowly.

- bakubaku - 2008-06-09

No problem Voinage. I knew I could count of you of course, I was just wondering why it wasn't on the list. And hey, if I could help you any way I'd gladly add those things manually myself! You're really doing a lot more work for us than we deserve. And you don't want money for it either...? Voinage, like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrappedin a vest...


- bronco28 - 2008-06-11

Can't wait!!!!! - Please let me know if you need beta tester or something....

sirius radio and video - rdcravens - 2008-07-04

I am trying to get the sirius radio plug in working and I am having some problems, also I am having issues with video feed freezing up the system. I am using the latest SVN of the dashboard... Also, I do not have problems with regular rss feeds, nor itunes radio.

The sirius radio plugin tellms me my username/password is wrong and that there is an update at a website that no longer exists. My username and pass are correct in the default.y file (tells you runsirius.py in the message - took a while to figure out).

Anyone have the sirius plugin working? - rdcravens - 2008-07-08

If so, how did you do it? I keep getting invalid username - when it is correct in the script... Did you have to change code? I do not imagine that they had the security image in the login screen when the script was made - so I am unsure it works anymore...

- LakersFan - 2008-07-31

Hi Voinage,
I'm curious how things are going on this... Smile

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