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XBMC wont play DTS sound in files - weldon - 2009-10-09

I reciently built a HTPC, and none of my media files which are DTS play their sound when I launch them via XBMC. (although they do work in 3rd party players such as MPCHC).

Since This is a brand new computer, I am guessing that I might be missing some codec or something, but I couldn't find any direction on google or searching the forums. Any tips?

Using Windows 7 Professional and a relitively new version of xbmc. I have only installed MPCHC and Haali. My sound card is integrated in the mobo and its 7.1 on the asus P5Q Turbo.

Thanks for your help Smile

- Maxim - 2009-10-09

Posting in the Windows Specific forum would be a better choice to get more focused support.

In the meantime read this thread to find out what you can do to help everyone with finding out what the issue is:

- weldon - 2009-10-10

Thanks, turns out It was because of the version I was using, copied over the SVN and everything worked out. Smile

So if anyone discovers this issue, upgrade your XBMC version!