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activatewindow: Jumping to subfolder in source - der.supertusse - 2009-10-16

Hello all

OS: Windows 7 build 7600
XBMC (dx-build): Built on Oct 12 2009 (SVN:23658, compiler 1500)

I am currently defining a custom userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml, creating among other things some shortcuts to the libraries, and the video/music file views. Here is a code snippet:


Keys F1-F4 works as expected, but F5-F6 only jumps me to the root of the files view, i.e. from there I can open the "media" source, and then open the Incoming folder. I would like to go directly to the subfolder "Incoming" instead. I think I have tried all permutations of the folder argument now, i.e. forward and backslashes, quotes and double quotes, and nothing seems to work.

Thing is, I currently have something similar working on my xbox installation, here is what that looks like:


I've tried using replacewindow instead of activatewindow in my keyboard.xml, but that didn't seem to help.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

- spiff - 2009-10-16

that's a PATH not some mix of a source name and a path. feed it the full path and it will work.