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- dn604 - 2010-01-15

You rule!!

Thanks for the quick updates.

- Vincent81 - 2010-01-16

New version : 5.91
-Add : column Duration, Star, Rating, Plot.
-Add : Delete multiple
-Add : Customizable renaming :

With MediaInfo (%8) tag, you can get info obtained with MediaInfo.dll;
Example for frame rate :

- crislaet - 2010-01-26

Bonjour Vincent,

Trés bon programme, néanmoins aprés la récupération du NFO via le scraper Ciné passion j'ai un message qui me dit:
Des images manquent, voulez vous les charger depuis internet, je réponds Oui et là... çà crash !
J'ai un message qui dit:
Le mécanisme de sécurité de Wlanguage à détecté un problème inattendu.
2 choix: relancer l'appli ou quitter.
Mes fichiers sont sur un DD externe WD partagé en Réseau catégoriser dans Shared videos/...
As tu déjà eu ce problème?
Merci de ta réponse

- rflores2323 - 2010-01-26

does this work on xbmc 9.11 / linux ubuntu 9.10

- Vincent81 - 2010-01-26

crislaet Wrote:Bonjour Vincent,

Trés bon programme, ...
Hello, please, this forum is in english, post in english or go to XBNE french forum
Can you send me "details" of crash ?

Quote: does this work on xbmc 9.11 / linux ubuntu 9.10
Work with all XBMC version but not in linux, sorry..

- crislaet - 2010-01-26


Do you have an Email to post screenshot of this 'crash' ?

- Vincent81 - 2010-01-26

Click on my name and send a private message.

- Vincent81 - 2010-01-26

New version : 6.01

I added the management of several PC on network
- Synchronize multiple PC with XBMC, you make a modification on "master" and is automatically transferred to all other PCs without having to reload anything. "View", "Last Played" and "Bookmark" are updated automatically from other PCs, ie if you play a movie on a PC, the flag "View" will be updated all others, same for the "Boomark" you stop a movie on a PC, you could resume where you left off even if you change your pc to play more.
Also synchronize the cache images, so that you do not need to re-download the selected images and fanart on the other pc, they are updated automatically.

How it works:
1) Go to Options and then click on "Configuration and network synchronization. (It should be before all the PCs you want to connect, have shared the data directory of XBMC, usually "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\XBMC")
2) This window appears:
3) Choose the number of PCs to connect
4) Enter the location of the Data folder XBMC for each position
5) Enter for each position for each video path, the name "local" of path. if the remote databases are updated, you can find him automatically by clicking on "Search automatically ..."
6) Select "Auto Sync" if you want changes made to this PC will automatically be passed on to other PC. There is also a button option to do so on the whole database at once.

It's the Beta Version and need Beta-Tester Smile

Sorry for the translation...Sad

- BanjoS - 2010-01-27

I have a Problem with this Application under Windows 7. The first time i run this Program it worked flawlessly and since the second run it does nothing. The Program starts just fine, but it doesn't browse the library. What can i do to fix this? I already installed the latest Version, but that doesn't fixed the Problem. Is there an Option to open up the Library manually?

- Vincent81 - 2010-01-27

Check the options and XBMC directory.
You can also switch to "debug mode" in option and send me log file in XBNE directory.

- BanjoS - 2010-01-27

Thank you for your fast Reply. The "Problem" is fixed. The Program Options were set to "Load Info from Nfo File". The funny thing is, i don't changed this Option. =/
If i uninstall your Program, are the settings stil on my Computer? Are there any Registry Entries?

- Vincent81 - 2010-01-27

uninstall clean data in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\xbmc_nfo" in registry.

- dadaman - 2010-02-03

thx 4 this great tool. so much easyier than mysqlite :-)

is ist possible to include tvshows for next version, too?

again, thx 4 your work

- Vincent81 - 2010-02-03

it is in my to do list ...

- Vincent81 - 2010-02-05

New version : 6.03
-Add : Automatic research of files moved.
-Add : Automatic creation of Genre according to various information (Eg: Creating Genre HQ following video resolution)