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"Cinema Button" in AEon65, Hitched, Etc... - BDPNA - 2009-10-17

I have cinema button support turned on for these skins, with the config pointing to default.py of the home theater experience script -- However, when I play a movie, the script is not running.

Is there a different button/key I need to press when displaying a movie to have it kick off the HTE script before the film plays?

When I run the script manually, it works fine. If there is a movie in the queue, the script will run and play the film.

But I imagine cinema button support is supposed to auto-run the script and queue the movie I select in the library.

Can anyone help? Did I miss something?

- melvin - 2009-11-18

Did you ever get this figured out? I am running into the same problem.

- BDPNA - 2009-11-18

Never got an answer and never got it working. It doesn't seem like a feature that anyone really wants to use. But I'm surprised I never got an answer, you would think at least whomever took the time to add it to the skin would be able to let us know how to use it.

Anyway, if you figure it out please post it here and I will do the same. There has to be others who would at least like to try this out.

- Durkslag - 2009-11-18

Do you play the movie from the info panel, pressing "i" on the keyboard and then choose "Cinema" or something like that?

- BDPNA - 2009-11-18

Hmmm, I will give that a try. Maybe there's a special menu or button you need to press to play the movie and run the cinema script before. That was sort of what I expected actually. A button I could map to my remote would be best. That way, I could push the standard play button to just play the movie, or a separate button to play the movie with the cinema script first. I just haven't seen that documented anywhere at all.

I'll check the submenus and see. Still, the best implementation (IMHO) would be a mappable remote button that would "play with cinema" for any video/movie file.

- BDPNA - 2009-11-23

That was it. I used the "Cinema" option from the info screen and the script kicked off and stuff worked well. So that's good.

So now, I'm wondering if there's also a way, much like many of the other interface keys, to work the cinema command into my remote settings file. Much like a keyboard shortcut. I'd love to set up my remote so if you push Play, for example, while viewing a movie in the library, it would just play, but if you pressed, say, pause (or a custom key, you get the idea) on the remote, it would launch the "Cinema" command.

Anyone know if this is possible with the Aeon flavors that include cinema button support? Or is the only way to do it through the traditional info view, then clicking cinema? Seems sort of counter-intuitive given that most of us using Aeon are using Multiplex or Showcase to display film info, and not traditional info screens.