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- Gamester17 - 2003-10-01

xbmc is fully skinnable and support animated gif's (can be used but is not a must) and much more, please look at existing skins.

a thing to think about is that one has to make seprarate skins (xml' & images) for each resolution to optimize the quality, like:
ntsc 720x480, 4:3
ntsc 720x480, 16:9*
pal/secam 720x576, 4:3
pal/secam 720x576, 16:9*
hdtv 480p/i 640x480, 4:3
hdtv 480p/i 640x480, 16:9*
hdtv 720p/i 1280x720, 4:3
hdtv 720p/i 1280x720, 16:9*
hdtv 1080i 1920x1080, 4:3
hdtv 1080i 1920x1080, 16:9*

* = note that 16:9 has same pixel-resolution as 4:3 on widescreen tv's, the pictures is simply streached to fit widescreen.

remeber that it's illegal (according to copyright law) to plainly rip/clone images and textures from other software/applications or websites, but it is however ok to get ideas/inspiration from other peoples work. we will not post any skins on our websites that contain illegaly aquired material!

- brncmp - 2004-05-17

i would like to learn how to skin xbmc. i have not been able find and help on were to start. i really dont know anything about how to do this.
can someone tell me how to get started and what ill need.


- Nickman - 2004-05-17

(brncmp @ may 17 2004,02:58 Wrote:i would like to learn how to skin xbmc.  i have not been able find and help on were to start.  i really dont know anything about how to do this.
can someone tell me how to get started and what ill need.

a graffics program and a text editor.

photoshop/paintshop pro,notepad, write Image

- floink - 2004-05-17

i'd suggest starting by taking an existing skin and edit that with your own graphics using above mentioned method.

- roortman - 2004-05-17


i want to learn how to make/edit a xmbc skin, but i cant find a tutorial or something anywhere.
i know that someone already asked the same question, but he got some "lame" answer that he needed photoshop etc.

can you tell me if there is some graphical designer prog, or a tutorial somewhere?

because just telling someone that he needs to edit the xml files isnt really enough, is it?


- floink - 2004-05-17

there is no current editor. so actually editing xml files is the only way. and ofcourse you need to create your own aswell graphics Smile so creating a skin is a lot about ftp as tv is the only way to preview.

- mysiskatten - 2004-05-17

how do i create a textures.xpr file??

can i open a textures.xpr file?

- roortman - 2004-05-17

do you know where to get like a tutorial or sometingHuh"


- Hullebulle - 2004-05-17

there is no tutorial either. take a look at the skin xml files.

- Blackbolt - 2004-05-17

its takes a long time to create a skin, so i imagine creating a tutorial would take a long time, would require images and i don't know anyone that would be willing to do that.

firstly to create a good skin, you need some skill in either paint shop pro or photoshop. if you don't use either of those apps further than you use ms paint, then your asking for trouble learning to skin.

making a skin for xbmc is all about the xml's. after doing a few, it comes to you. trial and error my son, just do it.

- floink - 2004-05-18

i know there has been an xbmc skin editor in the works. but currently that project is put on ice and has been so for a couple of months. so i wouldn't count on anything usable from that project during the next six months or so. and to release an editor now wouldn't be fair to previous skin competition contestants. right?

- webMASTER_P - 2004-05-18

this is the document that got me started on skinning

you don't need to create textrues.xpr, you can just put your images into the media directory.

and like everyone has been saying, download an existing skin and look at what's it's doing.

i used xbox media exprerience to learn.

xbmc isn't hard to skin, but it takes a pretty long time.

- Butcher - 2004-05-18

if you plan on releasing your skin you should build a textures.xpr for the zip/rar you distro. for testing it's usually quicker to use the images directly.

- robomonkey - 2004-08-25

hi, i really like to try and create my own skin.

i've looked at the xml files and structure and downloaded a couple of xml readers, but i can't see how you go about actually writing a page. do you really have to write it all or are there programs that will let you drag and drop images etc.

also how do i view an existing skin on my pc whenever i open an xml file i just get the text.

can someone please help because this is driving me crazy.

- jmarshall - 2004-08-25

hi robomonkey,

great - the more skinners the better.

currently, the skinning process is as you assume - you write the xml files and produce the images. there is no way (currently) of viewing the skin on the pc, so it is a slow process at first (until you get used to the system when it gets a lot faster).

there has been rumours about skinning apps, but none have yet to materialise.

i suggest you grab the default skin (project mayhem) and work on changing things (images, layout etc.) around to your liking.