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Artist Thumbs for 211 artists - deadbunny - 2009-10-22

All thumbs are 600*600, 99% of pics are promo shots with one or 2 being live shots. I don't have the time to upload these to htbackdrops.com unfortunately, I started to do it then realised I didn't have 6 hours to spare so if anyone else fancies it feel free!

Now for the list of artists:

1000 Homo Dj's
30 Seconds To Mars
A Perfect Circle
A Silver Mt. Zion
Alanis Morissette
Amber Asylum
Angelo Badalamenti
Angels Of Light
Anthony Stewart Head
Aphex Twin
Auf Der Maur
Babes In Toyland
Bif Naked
Bill Hicks
Billy Corgan
Billy Idol
Boards Of Canada
Bogus Blimp
Canyons Of Static
Cat Power
Chemical Brothers
Chk Chk Chk
Chris Isaak
Chris Vrenna
Clint Mansell
Cradle Of Filth
Crystal Castles
Daft Punk
Daisy Chainsaw
David Bowie
Dead Can Dance
Death In June
Death In Vegas
Deine Lakaien
Depeche Mode
Devin Townsend
Do Make Say Think
Drain S.T.H
Emiliana Torrini
Explosions in the Sky
Faith No More
Fear Factory
Fiona Apple
Foo Fighters
Front 242
Front Line Assembly
Frou Frou
Fun Lovin' Criminals
Funker Vogt
Gary Numan
God Is An Astronaut
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Gregor Samsa
Guano Apes
Icon Of Coil
Imogen Heap
Jack Off Jill
Jeff Wayne
Johnny Cash
Kevin Manthei
Lacuna Coil
Leonard Cohen
Louis Armstrong
Machine Head
Madder Mortem
Marilyn Manson
Mark Snow
Martin Grech
Massive Attack
Michael Jackson
Mike & Rich
Mindless Self Indulgence
Miranda Sex Garden
Mono & World's End Girlfriend
Mr. Bungle
My Bloody Valentine
My Ruin
Nada Surf
Nerf Herder
New Order
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Nina Simone
Nine Inch Nails
No Doubt
Pan American
Patti Smith
Pink Floyd
PJ Harvey
Polygon Window
Pop Will Eat Itself
Queen Adreena
Red Sparowes
Rob Zombie
Rorschach Test
Set Fire To Flames
Sex Pistols
Shogun Kunitoki
Sigur Rós
Skinny Puppy
Snake River Conspiracy
Sneaker Pimps
Soft Cell
Strapping Young Lad
Suicide Commando
System Of A Down
Tenacious D
The American Dollar
The Anix
The Cardigans
The Cure
The Doors
The Dresden Dolls
The Future Sound Of London
The Knife
The Kovenant
The Prodigy
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smiths
The Union Underground
The Weak Men
Thom Yorke
Tim Skold
Tom Waits
Tori Amos
Trent Reznor
Tura Satana
Type O Negative
Veruca Salt
VNV Nation
We're From Japan!
White Zombie
William Shatner


- SleepyP - 2009-10-26

YOINK! I'm in the process of intensively applying OCD / TLC to my music library, and part of that is getting artist-level thumbs (and fanart where possible) for everyone all my Album Artist nodes. This will help! I will upload these to HTBackdrops for you.

Do you mind if I downscale these to 500x500? That's the standard size I'm using for album art and artist thumbs.

- deadbunny - 2009-10-26

Feel free, I've slowly been working through my artists getting them done over the last few months when I've have a spare 10 mins here and there. Will be attempting to do it with fanart over the coming months as well but that's a far more daunting task for some of the less well known artists Wink

- distracto - 2009-10-26

grabbing these, we seem to have similar tastes in music. thanks for sharing

- SleepyP - 2009-10-26

Nuzecast just gave me FTP access to HTBackdrops, so I already got your thumbnail pack uploaded (didn't resize them first, figured bigger is better for most people...). I'm in a similar boat, I have around 200GB of music in my library and I'm slowly chugging through it, fixing tags, filenames, album art, and artist art. Its a horribly daunting task, but I got no job at the moment so I have time to work on it Smile

Just like distracto said, we have similar tastes. You might actually like my tunes, they're sort of a mish mash of industrial, trip-hop, electronica, and modern rock. Link my my signature Smile I actually made thumbs for some of the bands you covered (like 1000 Homo DJs) but they didn't get approved before you saw them so they weren't live on the site. I'm struggling to cover a lot of obscure stuff, so hopefully between the various people in the community we will get the entire musical universe covered!

- marcozd - 2009-10-26

This is awesome - I too am trying to put in artist thumbs for my music, which is not as easy as I first thought it was. Thanks so much for working on this.

Do you think you could post a quick "How to" on how you made them? I would like to help conrtibute, if that is OK.

- deadbunny - 2009-10-26

All I did was either search google images for something along the lines of "band name promo" set the filters to 'Large' picture size, or alternatively look on the bands website/myspace, 70% of the time you'll get a decent enough image that just requires a little cropping to make it 1:1 other times you have to take a bit of artistic licence and maby crop out a band member or fill in a fake background with some healthy use of the clone tool.

Some of the bands are so bloody obscure/unknown I had to use teeny tiny pictures (I tired for no less than 300*300ish) and upscale them as best as I could for this I used a combination of Alienskin Blowup Photoshop plugin (it kinda vectorizes the picture and blows it up and adds a bit of noise) or if that didn't get a decent result, enlarging it in Photoshop and playing with the sharpness, colours, lightness/darkness (darkening a picture well will hide a lot of artefacts in the dark areas) etc... and adding a little noise (a sneaky trick but it works). I think the best example of this was for 1000 Homo DJs as I think that pic was somewhere in the 200*200ish region to begin with a few other examples are:

Babes In Toyland (upscaled manually)
Boards Of Canada (alienskin)
Chris Vrenna (alienskin, lighness/darkness tweaking)
God Is An Astronaut (content aware scaling)
Louis Armstrong (added pretty much everything above his head)
Polygon Window (completely cheated and just used an aphex twin pic from a myspace page Wink)

Also excellent work on getting them on HTBackdrops so fast! I didn't even think to ask for some ftp access.

- joebrady - 2009-10-26

Google image ripper (so you don't have to click thru those pages to get to the actual pic, just right click and save)


- SleepyP - 2009-10-27

marcozd Wrote:This is awesome - I too am trying to put in artist thumbs for my music, which is not as easy as I first thought it was. Thanks so much for working on this.

Do you think you could post a quick "How to" on how you made them? I would like to help conrtibute, if that is OK.

You inspired me to post/start a "how to" thread Smile I made an illustrated guide to Pixlr. Its a very basic guide but should help people get started. If you already know Photoshop then you know how to use Pixlr, its seriously got like 90% the same UI, down to the layers and stuff...
check it out here

- nuzecast - 2009-10-27

SleepyP Wrote:Nuzecast just gave me FTP access to HTBackdrops, so I already got your thumbnail pack uploaded

Anyone with large quantities of images wishing to upload to HTBackdrops just let me know.
As long as they are named properly it is no bother for me to add them this way.

The file-naming scheme is very important.
Make the filename the same as the artist or band name.
Use _ (underscore) for spaces.
Add a sequential number at the end to give it a unique filename.


PM me if you wish to mass upload in this way.
Of course you'll need to register on HTBackdrops so I can credit the images to your profile.


- marcozd - 2009-10-27

Is there an application / plugin to search for media of a particular resolution?

- SleepyP - 2009-10-27

I just use Google Image Search mostly. I posted a thread about that

- melk54 - 2009-12-08

Should this file be extracted to a specified place where xbmc pickup artist info from.
If not how will it work on albums with different artists.

- SleepyP - 2009-12-14

XBMC (like most media library apps) goes by the Album Artist primarily. In cases where the album has like all the tracks except for one or two by the same guy, often the Album Artist will be set to the main artist. Most recent examble I can think of is the Terminator Salvation soundtrack, which is by Danny Elfman, but has one track by Alice In Chains. Danny Elfman is set as the Album Artist on ALL the tracks, including the Alice In Chains one, and Alice In Chains won't show up in the Artists listing unless there are albums by them present.

XBMC "wants" there to be a folder for each artist in order to automagically find the artist images. Example:
Artist Folder: Danny Elfman\
Example Album: Danny Elfman\Danny Elfman-2009-Terminator Salvation Soundtrack
Artist Thumbnail: Danny Elfman\folder.jpg
Artist Fanart/Backdrop: Danny Elfman\fanart.jpg
Album Thumbnail: Danny Elfman\Danny Elfman-2009-Terminator Salvation Soundtrack\folder.jpg

For compilation albums where there is NO actual Album Artist and every track is by a different artist (most movie "soundtracks", compilation CDs, etc), the Album Artist tag should be set to Various Artists. Personally I do NOT bother with these kinds of albums in terms of per-artist artwork, since often you have comps with obscure bands on them you will never get artwork for, or you have like ONE track by a particular band.

BUT, if you scan in such compilations, you will see all these compilation-only artists in the Artists list of your music library. Like I said, most of those guys do not have thumbnails, so your meticulously art-i-fied library now has ugly holes in it! No worries, there is a setting to hide these guys from the Artists list. Go to Settings > Music > Library and turn OFF the "Show artists who appear only on compilations" option. Poof, the compilation guys are hidden and you will only have one item for all of them in your Artists list, named "Various Artists".

Hope this answers your question Smile

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