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Mediastream Redux Home button missing - digyourownhole - 2009-11-07

I just installed the skin MediaStream Redux on my AppleTV.

I can't seem to turn on the Home buttons for TV Series and Movies. If i go to settings > Skin > Home Buttons, the options to hide/show these two buttons is grayed out.

Anybody know how to resolve this?


- Jezz_X - 2009-11-07

You actually have to have content in your library before they Un-gray themselves

- digyourownhole - 2009-11-07

how do i add content to a library (or create a library)?

In Plex they were allready in the homescreen when empty. By adding a source in "Watch Your Videos" and set "Set Content" to Movies (or TV Shows) I was able to browse my library in Through the home buttons.

can anybody please help me out?

Kind Regards

- mcborzu - 2009-11-07

Add sources:

Set Content: