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GFX Card recomendations? - Geeba - 2009-11-09

I was wondering if anyone had a GFX card recommendation?

It will be going in a Live box so I can run HD content... HDMI fan less would be nice.

I have looked at the GT210 & GT220 but the reviews I read online make them out to be not the best and an older 9600GT would be better? or do I pay the extra for a GT250?

I'd like the full feature set C capable card really....

Pointers appreciated.Big Grin

- prae5 - 2009-11-09

I've got a 9400 and 9500 and they will decode everything you can chuck at them and i think I paid about £30 for them.

From my reading the feature set c cards don't actually offer any real world benefit currently. Not sure if this is drivers, implementations, or other...

Still you can pick up a GT210 for about £35 no so why not?