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WORKING: OpenSubtitles_OSD - michaeldecharon - 2009-11-17

Go to: XBMC\skin\Horizonz - An Aeon Mod\720p

And change the file: VideoOSD.xml

Change the button: Playlist to for example Subtitle:

Search for the line:

<control type="button" id="18">

And change it to:

<control type="button" id="18">
<onclick>RunScript(special://home/scripts/OpenSubtitles_OSD/default.py, [TV]$INFO[VideoPlayer.Season] $INFO[VideoPlayer.Episode] $INFO[VideoPlayer.TVshowtitle][/TV])</onclick>

Thats it!

Now start a movie within XBMC and press M, now scroll to the button Subtitle and press it. The dialogscreen pop's up and choose your subtitle...