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- X3lectric - 2010-08-12

have test drivers for the asrock on ppa... they should work for every kernel upgrade.

to test them I suggest a full backup, just in case.

find them here for karmic and lucid...


- Marvel - 2010-08-12

Wow very nice X3lectric. So these will build each time a new kernel is released ? Or ?.

- sir_indy - 2010-08-19

Hi all,

First off, thanks for all of your help so far! Lots of useful information in this forum.

I also have an Asrock ION 330HT, run XBMC just as a program, not as it's own session, on Lucid 10.04, 2.6.32-24-generic kernel.

I tried X3's package, but it didn't work, anyone else have any luck? Or am I missing something? After installing the packages, selecting the correct receiver in LIRC, should it just work in XBMC or is there more setup to do?


- smithr99 - 2010-09-13

hmm, i still cant get mine to work. im on latest Dharma Beta 1 release on (just did a sudo apt-get upgrade) 32bit (maybe the 64bit one works and the 32bit one doesn't ?)
is there any way I could downgrade back to 2.6.32-23 so I can get it working ?

ps I tried both the B CIR receiver driver and source code for Ubuntu 10.04 32/64 bit ver:1.0.4 and the newer version from here ...


neither worked (i tried the non-newer version first)

ps whenever I press buttons on my remote, the orange activity light on the 330HT does flicker - does this indicate that LIRC is receiving something but doens't know what to do with it ??

- smithr99 - 2010-09-14

ive sent asrock support an email regarding if they're planning on releasing a 2.6.32-24 kernel CIR driver. Lets wait and see what they come up with Cool

- dtjee - 2010-09-19

I just want to mention that I've got my Kernel 2.6.32-24 Kernel running with my asrock ion 330ht remote. There's a smart guy with a custom build dkms package for the nct677x driver package.

You can find the package and all needed inststructions on his page.



Have fun..

- smithr99 - 2010-09-19

i made the mistake of not actually checking it was working my my "Actual" ASRock remote. I've got a Harmony One and because it was working before (on my previouls build of xbmc), I assumed it would work when i installed dharma beta2!!
silly me forgot that there was other stuff you need to do to get one of these blasted remotes working Oo

- X3lectric - 2010-09-19

Actually theres no need to asrock releasing a new driver per each kernel, since with the src.deb you can insert it into the dkms tree and be done with it.

Theres how tos on that already here.

That is until lirc have re-written the whole driver because nuvoton's coders are useless? (ya Asrock dont write the drivers, I wonder if they did, would it be anybetter?)

New Bios Version - dekani - 2010-09-21

A new BIOS version is available. (8/27/2010)
- Modify "RTC Alarm Power On" setup item's options.

Very useful for users using PVR functionalities.

- dajomu - 2010-09-24

X3lectric: When will lirc-packages for maverick be available?

- FireMan - 2010-09-24

dajomu Wrote:X3lectric: When will lirc-packages for maverick be available?

You should ask this question to Asrock....


- jonassw - 2010-10-22

Did ASRock start shipping Vista Media Center Remotes instead of the typical MCE Remote?

This week I installed XBMCBuntu type setup on my friends ASRock 330HT system - I've done two of those before with no hickups except the usual hazzle with the damn driver for the IR Chip in the ASRock machine.

I've used the driver found here: http://kerkhove.net/glob/41/2010-07-03/getting-the-lirc_nct677-module-to-work-on-ion330-with-ubuntu-kernel-2-6-32-23.html

It seems to be the only way to get the ASRock Remote working these days.

However, this time it was significantly different from usual.
Normally the Remote is regocnized as a MCEUSB type Remote, meaning the default Lircmap and everything works fine. However with this new one the remote was reporting in as vista_mce, which by default isn't recognized by XBMC, so we had to configure a Lircmap for it - which works fine.

However, I'm curious as to if someone else has noticed this. It's pretty annoying, since the OK button and the four colored buttons aren't recognized by Lirc. The remote transmits something, but the lircd.wb677.conf (which by the way is completely identical to the default mceusb config-file) file doesn't contain any mappings to those, and I haven't been able to figure out the codes for those five buttons.

- smithr99 - 2010-10-29

There is a new release of the ASRock IR drivers for Linux available from their website here :


This will work with the newest kernel release 2.6.32-25 if you have done a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and broke your remote like I did!

When will I learn to leave things alone that just work!

- Phorte - 2010-11-06

smithr99 Wrote:There is a new release of the ASRock IR drivers for Linux available from their website here :


thanks for that! this has worked for me (fresh dharma beta4 install)

- vikjon0 - 2010-11-06

Yes, I just got my new asrock. This time the last 330HT in the store. (new gen coming?).

The latest remote driver is working fine in beta4. Suspend/resume working. Although I dont recommend it, I noticed a lag for 20s on lirc after resume. Just too much hassle with suspend.

Am I dreaming or does it wake on remote from power off?