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XBMC HDMI question - zedicus - 2009-11-23

im in the middle of a XBMC install on my PS3 and was wondering if anyone knows if full audio out across HDMI for multichannel is working in the current alsa driver for the ps3??

- zedicus - 2009-11-24


no one else users XBMC on a ps3? its pre-packaged and like 3 steps to install it...

- arkania - 2009-11-24

How are you running XBMC on a PS3? Didn't know you could do that.

I'm going to assume you've installed linux on the box (Psubuntu perhaps?) and then installed XBMC.

The developers will need to pipe up here, because I'm not really sure, but I don't believe there's full support for HDMI with that hardware setup. Basically I would think ALSA would have to support your interface for it to work..not XBMC.

- prae5 - 2009-11-24


- zedicus - 2009-11-24

debian, ubuntu is.... well ubuntu is not a good distro and i wouldnt recomend anyone use it. personal conflicts asside, debian is installed on my ps3.

i use to custom roll an htpc distro out of debian. my plans are to migrate to a new system for ease of me maintaining the boxes. my choices are 'my media system' and 'XBMC' things i need are x86 support and PPC support since i will install this on lots of systems and would like them to look the same.

you are correct, i am bassically asking if anyone knows if there is linux support for an audio stream over the hdmi output for the ps3.

i can do a writeup of xbmc on the ps3 if anyone wants?

- zedicus - 2009-11-24

prae5 Wrote:http://www.xbmc.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=9

im not sure what you are trying to show me, i see nothing relevant.

- prae5 - 2009-11-24

Sorry - not sure what happened there, pasted the wrong url somehow.


In short, no the ps3 is not supported.

- zedicus - 2009-11-24

prae5 Wrote:Sorry - not sure what happened there, pasted the wrong url somehow.


In short, no the ps3 is supported.

XBMC is in the PS3 repository. and with the video patch it apears to be working fine. rather or not its 'supported' i could care less. also i wasnt asking if xbmc will run on the ps3, i was just asking if anyone knew the state of the alsa driver.

you guys are about as helpful as a paper sack in a sinking kayak.

- arkania - 2009-11-26

Zedicus, calm down. May not have the answer you are looking for, just trying to help a fellow xbmcer (as was Prae5). I, myself, am using Windows, so unfortunately can't really help out.

Anyways, look here:


In the PPC PS3 Driver section it mentions support added. I'm assuming that means it should work... ?

Good luck, let me know if you do get it working, I have a PS3 myself and would be interested in trying it out on that platform.