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Movie Genre Fanart - colm - 2009-11-24

Hi Folks

I have a bunch of JPG's which feature full screen genre fanart for my movies...is there a certain place I Can just drop these to be recognised for the genres, when I click them?

Also, is there a means for me to add the jpgs Ive been building up for music genre fanart AND iconsHuh

Would be awesome if so!



- stealth12 - 2009-11-26

+1 for this,

Colm - could you put up your genre pics? i'd love to have them

I am willing to figure out how to make them work but i'm very new to this skinning stuff so it will take me a while Rofl if its even possible hehe

- JackMag - 2009-11-26

Unfortunately posters of genres are not managed
by XBMC. I think the only solution is to switch to file mode
with fanarts and posters by directory.

- cold_realms - 2010-08-04

Any hope for this??

That is one of the big issues I have with the library mode... File Mode USED to look very very nice with genre fanart but since filemode gets poo'ed on by the majority i find i must twist library mode into something presentable....