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wanting only one of my shows scraped as DVD order - WingmanNZ - 2009-11-25 12:37

here is the thread for my problem

NOTE: I wasnt sure where to post this so I made it in the scrapper section and linked it here. please let me know if this was wrong.

thanks to all.

- spiff - 2009-11-25 13:00

1) there is no scrapper section
2) this is the correct forum
3) for the love of god don't cross post, and in particular don't post a post about your other posts!

- xexe - 2010-01-21 12:10

I am in a similar situation. Dotted around my network are the odd season that is in DVD order. I have tvshow.nfo for every show but i really dont want to define a scraper for random single seasons.

Is there any permanent on disk method such as an nfo entry that will tell XBMC that a specific season is dvd order?

- SleepyP - 2010-01-21 18:32

-In "Set Content" change the scraper settings to "Use DVD Order"
-Navigate to the show(s) that are affected by this problem
-press I to bring up the show's info page
-Click Refresh
-Say "yes" to refresh info for all episodes
-Check to see that the info is now correct
-Export your video library to separate files (Settings>Video>Library)

Now you will have NFO files for that show with the correct info, which means it should always be correct regardless of the "Use DVD Order" setting in the scraper.

- xexe - 2010-01-21 18:41

Thats definately one option. However I am not a fan of permanent nfo info. I often refersh shows to find all sorts of updated episode and series information.

I was hoping for somehting more elegant such as:

sd01e01 = dvd order for season 1 episode 1


season.nfo = use dvd order

Also i have to be very careful with messing with my global scaper settings as I have over 1000 shows that I could mess up.