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Movie art changes from library to file view - markguy - 2009-11-29

If this is in the wrong area, I apologize. I'm not sure what the underlying cause is and there isn't an "Ignorant Goofball" forum. Basic oversight there, really.

The basic problem is that when I view the movies with library mode disabled, I see the front covers as you would expect for all movies. When library mode is enabled, I see either the blank image or what looks like a very poor quality still from the movie for most of the movies. It looks like XBMC/Confluence is expecting there to be a .jpg with the same name as the movie (and/or folder?).

I'm using MyMovies for cataloging and have noticed that it's adding folder.jpg instead of TITLE.jpg. I can script something to copy over the images, but it just seems odd to me that XBMC picks up on the artwork with library mode disabled.

Also, while trying to troubleshoot this, I ran across another issue. After copying over the image, I could not figure out how to make XBMC realize there was a change. It keeps displaying the blank/still even after restarts, clean library and moving the entire MyMovies34.db to a different location. Am I missing something here?

- Jezz_X - 2009-11-29

Can you try it with a skin like pm3.hd and see if it does the same

- markguy - 2009-11-29

Yes, the same behavior occurs regardless of which skin I try.

Which suggests this post *is* in the wrong forum. Sorry. Off to take another stab at it!