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- thleeree - 2011-07-18

i'm using UPnP connection

- stephenchow - 2011-08-12


today I see it : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Windows_File_Sharing_(SMB/SAMBA/CIFS)

it not same

so today = 2011, which way can i use?

"Once "Everyone" has been added to the list, you have two choices. You can choose to keep "Everyone" as a Reader only, in which case XBMC would be able to read the files, but could not write anything into the folder, meaning it could not correct file names or export nfos and tbns into the folder, if you want that"

then Password it can make slower to streeming??read only is not perfect? anybody know? for apple tv2

- Robo983 - 2011-08-16

I feel compelled to post again since this is still an active thread. After looking at this thread again I think it did not apply to XBMC for XBOX1. But since I found myself here and on so many threads that did not solve this for my XBOX1 wanted to post my solution in the hope that if others find themselves hear it will help.


I loaded 3.0.1

Someplace along the way I lost that the builds for XBOX were picked up by this great group of people. I had installed the last build by T3CH when the announcement that XBMC.org was not going to support XBOX anymore. But that build did not work with Win 7 Shares.

Updating to this build worked for me flawlessly. After making countless changes to one of my Win 7 machines with no results, this now works on that Win 7 Home Premium machine and a fresh install without any changes.

I am absolutely amazed that in all my searches this solution never showed up for the XBOX1. It wasn’t until I found an old thread mentioning someone updating their 2009 build that I thought I would see if XBMC.org had a new load and I found the link to XBMC4XBOX.org. It is great to know that updates will continue for the XBOX1.

- toymachine2009 - 2011-08-16

Quick question. I have the typical asking for a password every time I reconnect which includes every time the HTPC is rebooted xbmc asks me for a username and password and once its entered it works fine. Only thing is I have it set for no password or anything so not sure why its STILL asking me for the password.

The username and password is the username and pass on the PC its sharing off. I read that Windows Live is the cause of this yet I just reinstalled win 7 and go to uninstall programs in control panel and there is no windows live present! so I dont think thats causing it.

- bxpressiv - 2011-08-23

For two nights I couldn't get the shares working on Win 7 and then I found this thread. Worked in about 2 minutes. Thanks to the OP.

live-id smb woes - help - mcan - 2011-12-31

just installed windows live essentials and now xbmc sharing via smb doesnt work. xbmc keeps asking for a password....i've read that I need to uninstall the "sign in assistant" component of the live essentials pack. but there is no option to remove only this component via the control panel, and yet the assistant does exist as a running service. manually stopping the service does not fix the sharing problem. so as remedy i uninstalled the entire live essential pack which did remove the assistant service. but when i reinstalled essentials the assistant reappears again? I was given no option not to install it.

i want to keep live mail and messenger on my windows pc. so what should i do XBMC team? Will the XBMC Eden release fix this?

- phoenixdigital - 2012-01-29

mcan Wrote:i want to keep live mail and messenger on my windows pc. so what should i do XBMC team? Will the XBMC Eden release fix this?

You could also be running into the issue with too many shares in use. I am hoping this gets resolved soon as well. XBMC appears to keep a lot of the shares you visit open. This eventually saturates the number of allowable connections with windows causing password requests.

- fenwickgoodall - 2012-01-29

I've been trying to get the SMB sharing to work for the last week using various guides including this one.
Every time in XBMC I hit SMB all I ever get is "Error:2 Share not available".

Can anyone give any further advice on how to fix?

I've used Windows Share Manager to make sure the folder is shared properly, and Windows Live is uninstalled.

Is there any other method I can use to get this working??

(I'm using XBMC on Apple TV & Windows 7 Laptop)


- dallasnights - 2012-01-29


- fenwickgoodall - 2012-01-29

Thanks Dallas - no luck still. Cant get rid of this error 2.

Can someone with it working confirm their settings in XBMC Network?

- fenwickgoodall - 2012-01-29


- Chad711 - 2012-02-19

tagging this so I don't have to look for it every time I need it! Thanks

RE: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO share folders over SMB using Windows 7 - bvan58 - 2012-04-23

I had the same problem as fenwick (great name, by the way). After downloading the latest version of xmbcbuntu live, I kept getting the same "can't read network share" message. The weird thing was that the underlying operating system (in this case, lubuntu) found my network devices quite easily; it was only xbmc that couldn't seem to find them. Fortunately, there turned out to be an easy fix. After opening the synaptic package manager in lubuntu, I was able to install samba and a couple of related packages. After rebooting, xbmc located all my network-shared media in a snap using samba. Granted, I'm running xbmcbuntu off a usb stick, so this many not work to people using other flavors of xbmc. But it does suggest a possible solution to network sharing problems with xbmc (i.e. make sure samba is installed before deciding that it doesn't work).

RE: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO share folders over SMB using Windows 7 - jjtee - 2012-04-30

Firstly may I say a huge thank you to the many people contributing to this topic. Without them I would have been truly lost in setting up my fileshare for XBMC on my ipad.

I followed the guide exactly and after some work, managed to access the files on the network on my ipad via smb. Although I already have XBMC on the laptop, with all the metadata, for some reason I am unable to access this functionality on the ipad. Although I can see and play the files, I'm assuming that for some reason I can't access the metadata.

It should be noted that I'm pretty new to all of this, so it's likely that I missed something. From the research I've done, the metadata isn't accessible via upnp (tbh I have no idea what these protocols are, I simply follow guides) but how this differs to smb is unknown to me. I don't intend to sync all devices via sql, but I would like to access the metadata information (e.g fanart synopsis etc) on the ipad version of xbmc. If anybody knows how, do let me know, otherwise many thanks for helping me getting it all up and running: The streaming functionality is significantly better than many of the paid for apps that do a similar function, but require far more installation files on the pc/laptop.

tldr: need help with accessing metadata. I'm a techno noob. I have metadata for xbmc on the laptop version.

RE: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO share folders over SMB using Windows 7 - natethomas - 2012-05-04

You are correct, jjtee. metadata and upnp don't really play nice together. You need to share the folder where you files are directly from whatever operating system you are using. So, for example, if they are on a Windows machine, you need to follow the guide at the beginning of this thread, and share the appropriate folders.

Then, from your iPad, search for Windows Network (smb) rather than upnp. This will get you direct access to the folders with the data.

I should additionally note that you will want to scan the files into the library again from the iPad, particularly if you are not syncing via sql. Until you do that, you definitely won't get any metadata.