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- xbs08 - 2010-01-26

Waffa Wrote:If you didn't made a advancedsetting.xml, you will not find it.
See wiki advanced settings how to make 1 and were to place the file.

Doh! I really forgot about that :o

- Waffa - 2010-01-26

Geeba Wrote:Out of interest do many people here use advancedsetting.xml? anyone care to share theirs?

I've never used it - but curious as to what people are setting....

Thumbsize.... Did play around with it.
Default is 192 for the xbox. Tried larger like 256, 384 and 512.
512 is an xbox killer :p
384 depends on skin and settings but still very heavy
256 also depends on skin and settings but runs ok for me (what I tested)

I run MiniMeedia Waffa!. Fanart/backgroundsfolders 720p and also still no Advancedsettings but...

I have to do a compleet update for my library and might set
<Thumbsize> to 256 and
<Fanartheight> to 720, so MC don't need to resize them anymore Wink

- VelvetKevorkian - 2010-01-28

i use confluence on my xbox with XBMC rev26941, runs without problems.

things turned off (most of them to increase performance, some just because i don't need them):

settings -> appearance:
- screensaver

settings -> video:
-download actor thumbnails

settings -> music:
- download additional info
- update library on startup
(if you have a huge video library, also turn it off for videos. after all, you can still update manually if you add stuff)

settings -> system:
- autorun media (all off)
settings -> skin (confluence settings):

home screen:
- show recently added videos
(important to be off! you can still see "last added movies / tv shows" when in video library mode)

- "background" (both off)

home window:
- hide movies / tv shows (are shown via "video" -> button right @ home window anyway)
- hide pictures (don't watch any via xbox)
- hide scripts
(added some as faves, now visible under "favourites" -> lower left corner of home window)

...with those settings, confluence runs smoothly on my xbox.

someone asked about advancedsettings.xml and what it is being used for:

i use


since i use a pc dvd-drive in my xbox, because my original drive sucked (most of them do, the original dvd-drives used for the xbox were all cheap crap, most of them don't even read regular cd-r media).

- xbs08 - 2010-03-20

disabling auto fan control saves some ram too.

- Smiff - 2010-04-06

xbs08 Wrote:disabling auto fan control saves some ram too.

hmm if people could post approx how much RAM each thing frees that'd help to know if it's worth trying or not. thanks!

- xbs08 - 2010-04-06

Disabling auto fan control and setting it to a fixed rotation saves approx 512Kb of ram.

- zilexa - 2010-04-07

@VelvetKevorkian you turned off "download actor thumbnails...". What does this option do? Don't you risk weird empty places on the screen for missing fanart?

- Waffa - 2010-04-07

Nope, it does what it says....
Actor thumbs show up in video info screen under the tab cast. Wink

- zilexa - 2010-04-07

rarely use that, but I assume disabling won't give any profit unless you delete your library and scan everything with that option disabled.

- daflyboys - 2010-04-23

xbs08 Wrote:Disabling auto fan control and setting it to a fixed rotation saves approx 512Kb of ram.
Yes, but exactly to what? I don't want my machine frying before its' time.

- xbs08 - 2010-04-23

I changed from auto fan control set to 40%-55ºC to a fixed rotation of 50%, just to be safe.

I'm using a silent fan i've modded to replace the original fan (that was very noisy to my likin'). The original fan was set to 4% and my xbox never went above 55º C in auto fan... this just to say that the percentage doesn't mean anything, you should find the correct percentage to your Xbox/fan.

eg. If you have it set to auto control 30% and the fan never increases speed even after long periods of use, you could set the fixed rotation to a minimum 30%, but to be safe i advice setting it a bit higher then 30%.

- javiertoti - 2010-05-25

Nice thread.

- xbs08 - 2010-05-26

@ javiertoti
Does that "Changing the BACK BUTTON seconds" saves memory?

- Waffa - 2010-05-26

Video is already playing, so it would only gain memory in videoplayer.
Which is not needed imo.

- javiertoti - 2010-05-29

xbs08 Wrote:@ javiertoti
Does that "Changing the BACK BUTTON seconds" saves memory?

Nop, sorry. I've commited a mistake.

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