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- ZERO <ibis> - 2010-11-05

Have you considered adding this at all: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=84411

Or is this not something that your able to do at the skin level?

- djdafreund - 2010-11-05

It is in interesting idea, but wondering about this, is it REALLY important enough to ALWAYS be wanting to read your RSS feed's? XBMC has an RSS feed plugin for doing this to read when ever you want to, but thinking this is the same level of thinking for why all this time it's never been done to date (or any other skin's likewise). It's not a BAD idea per say, just not seeing a valid reason for going to the extent of always wanting to see RSS feed's all over. But also not saying it wouldn't get done either. Smile

- ZERO <ibis> - 2010-11-05

I think of it this way, as I have my RSS feed configured to show new episodes of shows I am watching. Normally my system is almost always in the tv selection area. So when I leave the tv and come back it is still in that section. The time that passes during this can be a few hours and in that time a new show may have been released. So I then need to exit to the main menu and check the list and then go back to see if there is a difference between the latest episode number and the last one on my xbmc share. It would be a lot easier if I could just read it off while also scrolling to the next thing I am watching. In addition it is cool to be able to have it right there to directly compare with the show while I am looking at said show.

I agree that no matter what it should not be done in a way that clutters the screen but I think there are ways of making it work.

I have attached a pic of where I think it could go. Looking at this actually gave me another cool idea that you may be more interested in how about in the current date section there is also current weather info like a small image and the current temp?


- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-06

Sharpe is there a plan to integrate Hitcher's Featured Script?
It pop ups a random movie on the homescreen.

- Sharpe - 2010-11-06

ZERO <ibis> - Okay I'll see what I can do. Maybe some sort optional rss feed within the menus. The tricky thing will be getting a "consistent" look.

ubuntuf4n - Yep I've just added this along with replacing the smaller, lower home controls option with a more simplified, text only, option.


- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-06

Many Thanks Sharpe,
will check it out.

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-07

the darkened root view / genre wallpaper looks very dashing.
No more Problems while watching with dimmed light Smile

The simplified home button control is also very nice as an alternative.
It's cool to see 99% of the homescreen wallpaper.

Finaly, the highly appreciated random-items-script is also on board, it makes the backrow-skin even more complete. Big Grin

I noticed that the random-item-skin also applys for the episodes (as it does , if the recently-added-script is chosen).

Though, I am not very satisfied that also random episodes are shown.
To be honest, I would like to get rid of the episode part (random-items) Shocked

Would it be possible to see just the random-movie-script, without the episodes?


- Sharpe - 2010-11-07

ubuntuf4n Wrote:...Would it be possible to see just the random-movie-script, without the episodes?


Yeah I agree - I've made it totally customisable now.

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-07

Now it's perfectly implemented.
Thanks, Sharpe.

This skin is really cool.

Best Regards,

edit: not sure if it's a xbmc-system or it skin-thingy, but I noticed that viewtypes are not remembered while switching from another skin (in appeirance-settings). It's not a big problem for me, though I thought that it would be good to tell you that...

- djdafreund - 2010-11-07

viewtypes haven't been remembered ever due to the fact that each skin uses different view's and number's, other wise it would cause a conflict when changing to a skin that doesn't use a certain view number. That's what I've been told in the past at least.

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-07


thanks for the informative reply.

- djdafreund - 2010-11-07

I try Smile Just woke up an hour early cause i forgot to change my time before bed time. Couldn't fall back asleep. ARGH!! LOL.

- ZERO &lt;ibis&gt; - 2010-11-08

ubuntuf4n Wrote:Sharpe is there a plan to integrate Hitcher's Featured Script?
It pop ups a random movie on the homescreen.

Could this also be used to pop up random series from the tv section in the same way (as an alternative to recently added) this could be a cool option to implement as well. Wink

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-16


the new overlay for showing the total files (and pages) in the library is a little bit annoying.
Could it be made optional?

I easily loose the focus (for example in list 4) and it hides a little bit of the very clean and polished view while browsing.

The movie-count is nice to see, but it only shows the movies which are listed.
It doesn't show the movies which are in the movie-set, so that value is confusing in the general usage.
(btw, I found out that 'the carmichael' -mcborzu's skin, shows the correct values for Movies including all Movies which are in Movie-Sets.).
Furthermore, another idea could be to implement the Movie-Count into the homescreen in a simple way.

Although I like the Page 'X'-Option, but it would be good to see it as a Static-Overlay thing.
(without the strobe-effekt each time I release/hold the down/up button :-)


- Sharpe - 2010-11-16

I don't use movie sets so have no idea why it's not working as anticipated there - it works fine for genres so I'm guessing I would need to do some sort of hack to make it work for these library movie set views - I'll check out what our pal mcborzu has done and see about replicating it Smile

As you know I'm not a massive fan of spamming the screen with loads of labels - that's why you don't see the weather on every page for instance - so I've thought long about how to put the number of items label in place. That's why I chose to make it only appear when you scroll through the lists at the same time as the alpha sort label appears. I still don't want to make it a static label I'm afraid. Most I could do is make it optional.

In case anyone hasn't seen the new label it looks like this and appears when you are scrolling: (The actual view is just something I've been playing around with - it's not in the skin but the labels are there).