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- ZERO <ibis> - 2011-07-06

I assume this is only an issue if your set up to auto update the database on load. I have yet to run into any issues but I manually scrap everything but with a few thousand gig database with tens of thousands of files I have found it best to update each item manually when I add stuff so that I know that it is entered correctly.

On that note I am slowly manually refreshing the data for each of my series so I can get the actors data. It may take a few months but it is going to be worth it Cool

Thanks again for your work on this scrapper!

- musera - 2011-07-11

just curious on something, if you look at an anime entry often they will have a variety of other episodes that aren't part of the series or specials. Is the scraper able to pick those up and if so how do we name the file?

An example of what I mean (taken from the Naruto entry as I knew it would have heaps) is:
S1 Jump Festa 2003 - Find the Crimson Four-leaf Clover!
OP1 Rocks (1-25)
ED1 Wind (1-25)
C6 Ending 5
T1 Commercials (aired with ep100 & 94)
P1 (Parody of ep 1!) Enter! Uzumaki Naruto

I know s1 we would name the file s00e01 but for something like C1? (wondering especially for that since I have a series with a number of those)

oh I just did a big add and found the scraper still wasn't functioning correctly. it seemed to randomly skip all the episodes of a series and then happily move to the next and add them. I checked filenames were correct and they weren't an issue. Some of the series it skipped were: Papuwa, Memories Off, Memories Off 2, Memories Off 3.5, Blue Tears, Del Power X, Basquatch (a few others that I can't remember) but remember others were added (including full seasons) while these were being skipped. I do add an nfo with the correct name and anidb link in every series, checked a couple of the link were correct and they were.

- aoaaron - 2011-07-11

when I press "i" for information, no poster/artwork is shown on the left handside. info is still there like actors etc...

any fix for this please? thanks.

i am using Aeon and would appreciate some kind of fix or advice please. if i use TVDB, I'm able to get a new poster/banner but using anidb.net as the scraper, i can only get fanart.

- salival - 2011-07-11


XBMC, and so this scraper, only understands two types of episodes: specials and normal episodes.

specials are every season 0 episode (s00e01) the rest of the normal episodes are put in their respective season (s01e##, s02e##).

If you want the ops, eds etc. you will have to put them in season 0. You will not have any plot info etc., since that will be scraped of the tvdb, but at least you will see them as a special in the library view.

- bambi73 - 2011-07-11

@musera, @aoaaron: please enable debuging, scrape anime what cause you problem and post debug logs here (i mean links to pastebin of course Wink)

More details about debuging and logs on Wiki

- scudlee - 2011-07-11

I think the problem with missing episodes comes from the fact that there's a reference to the characters section in GetEpisodeList. If a show has no characters listed, then the whole thing will come up blank.
Specifically, this part:

I can see why it was done, because there can be episodes tags within the characters section also, and so you need to specify the one outside of it. As a fix all I did was change it to refer to the closing anime tag (which seems to always come straight after):
There's probably a better way to do it, but that seems to work.
I hope that helps.

- musera - 2011-07-12

I think scudlee is onto something.Looked up some of the offending shows and none of them had a cast, whereas the shows that I could remember that had no issue all had character data.

This does have the exception of Basquash which does have characters but initially failed, a refresh on that one however did get them back.

I can still post debug logs if you like but it may take some time. Last night I finally managed to isolate some major network issues I am having to my router, so I've taken that offline until I can replace it.

- bambi73 - 2011-07-12

At first glance it looks like he is right, I changed this part in last update. I'll look at it evening when I get home.
And I don't think you need to post log if you have issues only with animes without cast.

- bambi73 - 2011-07-15

Fixed: Corrected problem with no episodes scarped for Animes without cast

- Finalspace - 2011-07-25

I am getting banned from anidb by using this plugin, everytime i use it Sad

Why, i want only to add my collection to xbmc one time and then after some time I want to update the folder and thats all.

But i get always a "banned" error. Even if i want to refresh a single TV Show manually Sad

Please help.

I am using latest xbmc unstable on ubuntu 11.04 and latest plugin version.

Seems i was too fast for posting a issue, because i removed the temp files from the scraper folder and now it works fine.

Hopefully i dont get banned anymore.....

- bambi73 - 2011-07-26

As I wrote page or two ago this is something I have no chance to change, how often is scraper called depends solely on XBMC. When it's, for some reason, too often you will get temporarily banned on AniDB.net http api. It happened to me too some time ago, so I hardcoded 10sec waiting directly to XBMC scraper code. Unfortunately it's "hack" solution not suitable for publishing.

- hentai23 - 2011-08-18

anybody have the anidb scrapper as zip so i can install over addons

- bambi73 - 2011-08-18

hentai23 Wrote:anybody have the anidb scrapper as zip so i can install over addons

- hentai23 - 2011-08-18

thanks bro

- rhui_bc - 2011-08-22

First off, thanks for this scrapper, it has made my anime collection that much more lively!

Is there a support FAQ somewhere?
I have a few animes that is not being picked up in library mode and I've checked the name against anidb.net, so not sure what else to check.

One of which is Fairy Tail

What else should i be checking?