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- scudlee - 2011-11-03

hentai23 Wrote:thanks but its already too late i renamed them all by hand the folders only of course renaming files is just insane !!! there is NO program out there that will do it better than by manually editing them to the correct titles ....sadly took me fn hours !!! -.-'

where still very far from true automated media center experiences ...sadly -.-'
For anime fansubs what you're looking for is an aniDB client. There are several to choose from, I use WebAOM, personally. They identify the files based on a hash function, so as long you haven't altered the contents of the file (i.e. re-encoded/remuxed) and the file is in the aniDB database, it will know what file it is, what show it's from, what episode, which fansub group, etc. From there it's fairly simple to set up rules to move and rename based on that.

For example, in WebAOM, I have the rules:
DO SET '%ann S01E%enr %epn '
IF G(!unknown) DO ADD '[%grp] '
DO ADD '(%crc)'

DO SET 'P:\Videos\Anime\%ann'
Should be fairly self-explanatory. I end up with files like
P:\Videos\Anime\Mawaru Penguin Drum\Mawaru Penguin Drum S01E01 Ringing the Bell of Destiny [gg] (31f28b05).mkv

- bambi73 - 2011-11-03

Shimo Wrote:Hey Guys,

is there a possibility that the scraper add on every show the genre "Anime"? I dont need the other genre catogries like "seinen", "superpower", etc. i only need "Anime"

with kind regards
No, scraper doesn't support such behaviour, but you can modify it by yourself. Maybe I'll be able to help you, but tell me why do you need it? Smile

- Shimo - 2011-11-03

bambi73 Wrote:No, scraper doesn't support such behaviour, but you can modify it by yourself. Maybe I'll be able to help you, but tell me why do you need it? Smile

when it comes to XMBC, i'am a very beginner. I want to use the "Alaska" Theme. The Theme supports "custom home buttons".

I want the following "Home Buttons"
- Movies
- TV-Shows
- Anime

To create a "custom home button" in alaska, i must create a favorite. It fails when i make a favorite of my whole "anime" dir, but with genres it works.

So my Problem for the moment is, that my animes dont have a constant genre like "anime" Smile

with kind regards

- bambi73 - 2011-11-04

From my point of view Smart playlists (check XBMC wiki if you don't know) are better alternative for it, you can set rules for example like "Path contains Anime" etc. And iirc you can assist Smart playlist to home button in Alaska revisited.
Anyway I use different profile (again check wiki Wink) for Anime, because then it doesn't mix together with regular tv shows (actors, years, genres, etc). I managed to integrate profile switching to my skin, so it work seamlessly, but you will need to switch them manually (or modify your skin too Smile).

If you still want to modify scraper then look for file addons/metadata.anidb.net/anidb.xml in your XBMC working directory and it this file:

1/ delete lines 232-407. It start and end with following
<!-- Only genres with defined weight are overtaken -->
      <RegExp input="$$1" output="\1" dest="5">
        <expression clear="yes" noclean="1">(?i)&lt;categories&gt;(.*?)&lt;/categories&gt;</expression>


      <RegExp input="$INFO[GenreCount]-$$6" output="\1" dest="8+">
        <expression noclean="1">(?i)1-(&lt;genre&gt;[^&lt;]+&lt;/genre&gt;)</expression>

2/ instead of these deleted lines put there

<RegExp input="" output="&lt;genre&gt;Anime&lt;/genre&gt;" dest="8+">

- Shimo - 2011-11-04


many many many thanks for thr xml "edit" Big Grin

i will check out the smart playlist too!

- salival - 2011-11-05

@hentai23: For renaming my anime I use the anidb client with the settings as I described here.

A detailed explanation of all the tags you can use you can find here.

- rednoah42 - 2011-11-06

Looks like the anidb HTTP/XML API is down...

- salival - 2011-11-06

rednoah42 Wrote:Looks like the anidb HTTP/XML API is down...

They're currently having routing issues (AniDB news post)

- hentai23 - 2011-11-06

well anybody know why my anime that i set as tv episodes scrape all the metadata , thumbs , fanart and then only my fanart and thumbs stay but my metadata isnt there?

you can see it when it counts when i select scan for new content it counts the tv shows and then returns to 0 ?, or when i select update library it stays but only scans like half of them ? -.-'

p.s: any update on the anidb addon lately ive got 1.3.1 !Huh?

- salival - 2011-11-07

It might be your file naming. XBMC and therefore this scraper is fairly particular in this regard, so you need to make sure you either rename your files or, if you're good with regular expressions, create a filter in advancedsettings.xml which you can find in your userdata folder.

Be warned: it seems to be very hard to find a flawless regex for the usual anime file names.

If you decide to rename your files: in the post a few places above you (#321) I link to an earlier post with the settings I'm using. They are nearly fool proof.

- hentai23 - 2011-11-07

my filenaming? you gotta be kidding they all are named after the official anime name, it took me nearly 24 hours without a break to rename them and those was only 250 folders ...Oo

didnt i say that they scrapped perfect in anidb , but that the only stuff left after the scrape was the thumb and fanart no metadata aka when i try to access the infopanel for the anime it wants to manually download the same metadata from anidb for that anime again , btw if i do it as said manually it stays but this isnt how its supposed to be , and i cant manually grab the metadata for each anime folder itd take forever Shocked

- salival - 2011-11-07

Sorry, then I might have misunderstood your message.

If the scraper does indeed find the episode information but does not retain it, I'm afraid I myself can't help you. Bambi73 is currently the one maintaining this scraper so he might be able to help you, but it also might be a general a XBMC issue.

Also keep in mind that Anidb is having issues at the moment.

- hentai23 - 2011-11-07

yeah ive noticed this i just found out that the newest nightlies are at fault if you use any of the latest nightly once youre scrape for anime info is finished it autoclears the cache for some very odd reason returning youre count to 0 -.-'

so i installed an older nightly and it works no more scrapping for nothing ...BUT now theres a new prob ...as you said anidb has some probs atm , i just scrapped but i only got the old info back that i already scrapped a couple weeks ago , but now when i try to get info for newly added animes the metadata infopanel comes up but its blank the year ,studio , ep, etc etc , and no fanart nor poster all blank atm , or if i rescrape an already scraped anime i select the anime titel from anidb from the list and it finishes but instead of getting thumb and fanart and metadata as usual now its all blank fields and no fanart or thumbs -.-'

anybody else get this? O M G!!! is this the prob anidb is having atm ? Shocked

- salival - 2011-11-08

The scraper relies on anidb for it's data. If the scraper can't connect to anidb, which it can't at the moment, it cannot get the title information which it uses to get the thumbnails from thetvdb.

You will have to wait until anidb fixes the issue before the scraper is usable again. You might want to keep an eye on their twitter account or forums for info on when they have fixed it.

I understand this is frustrating but neither of us can do anything but wait or use the ANN scraper.

- ZERO &lt;ibis&gt; - 2011-11-08

Actually I believe there was a way to use a local dump or something. I know you can dl the dumps from anidb directly here: http://wiki.anidb.net/w/HTTP_API_Definition

Strange it looks like we can view the API data, so I do not see why the scrapper is not working...

Interesting, it appears that you can randomly scrap some series but not others. For a sec I was able to scrap fate/zero and the [email protected] but not Guilty Crown...