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- Schoolisoutfan - 2010-12-22


I try your playercorefactory.xml but it didn' work.
I try it with arcsoft 5 and power DVD 10 but it's always same. If I press Play Disk XBMC say that a movie is running, please press enter for end but nothing happend. XBMC getting slow and that's all. I try other playercorefactory.xml and there XBMC minimizes and in the taskmanager is a prozess called power DVD but no movieframe. When I kill Power DVD XBMC maximize. But it didn't help me to watch BR on my System.

I'm using XBMC 10, has anybody an idea?

- flyingernst - 2010-12-25

What will I have to do, to play/start my mkv's also with TMT, or better, start only if I use "right-mouse-click-> Play with..."

- tco42 - 2010-12-28


Same problem here, but i found 2 solutions, that worked for me:
1. switching from real fullscreen to fullscreen window mode:
system -> system -> video output -> use fullscreen window...
2. uninstalling my ati hdmi audio driver and replacing them with the realtek ati drivers

both worked fine in the latest dsplayer version of xbmc

- Schoolisoutfan - 2011-01-01

My solution is to use a batch to start PowerDVD

"C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD10\PowerDVD Cinema\PowerDVDCinema10.exe" e: e: is your drive

and that's the playcorefactory.xml:

<player name="Player" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<rules action="prepend">
<rule name="Blu-Ray" protocols="bd" player="Player"/>
<rule filetypes="bdmv" filename="*.bdmv" player="Player"/>

I'm using the realtek HDMI driver cause i've got a nvidia graphiccard

- pigeta - 2011-01-07

have some problem to play bluray disk explain:
if i launch xbmc and insert bluray and go on play uMCEDVDPlayer.exe start but i see the video block or shoot and audio go and have difficult to control like stop or play but if i launch uMCEDVDPlayer.exe on windows i see perfectly soud and video and i controll with my remote controller why?

A little help? - andrewtdop - 2011-01-25

I've tried the guide. But it's not working for me. I have XBMC 10.0 running on Windows 7 x64 with PowerDVD8 as my external player. I've altered the XML to reflect my my PowerDVD8 directory, but whenever I click on "Play Disc" in XBMC, nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated?

- ltcharles - 2011-02-06

Since there is no support for helping us I am in need to auto mount my iso and use power dvd10 as my external player for iso files and blu ray disks. If one of you guys/gals wants to do this for feel free to email me or pm I will pay you for your troubles. I will give you an invite to my desktop to control remotely so you can get it to work thanks.

- gpborges - 2011-02-06

ltcharles Wrote:Since there is no support for helping us I am in need to auto mount my iso and use power dvd10 as my external player for iso files and blu ray disks. If one of you guys/gals wants to do this for feel free to email me or pm I will pay you for your troubles. I will give you an invite to my desktop to control remotely so you can get it to work thanks.

That's very nice your willing to help. It's really good to know that are folks like you willing to help the community and to share the acquired Know-how on XBMC and related tech. Unfortunately my bluray is "out-of-service" and I still don't know if it's the cable (miniSata power + sata data) that is bad or if the optical drive itself has died.

As soon as I get it back working (or a replacement) I will look for you (PM or through here) and you can help me to get it working.

Thx again for your giving back to the community!

- dub273 - 2011-03-20

mindweaver Wrote:I have also noticed that it does not play automaticly when launched from XBMC. if you launch it stand alone it auto plays. I have tried to search for it but can't find anything.

I can live with pressing play on the remote, but please tell us if you find a solution.
I struggled with this as well, since I'm setting up a system where wife, child, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will be navigating as well. I finally got TMT3 to play automatically using the following in my playercorefactory.xml file:

player name="TMTMCEPlayer" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
      <filename>C:\Program Files\VideoApps\TMT3\uMCEDVDPlayer.exe</filename>
      <args>"M:\" {1}"</args>

M: is my optical drive, I have TMT3 set to autoplay at full screen, and I don't know what the {1} arg does, only that I lifted it from somewhere else in this forum and it works. Smile

- dub273 - 2011-04-28

ethanmcdonald Wrote:What's the protocol for HDDVDs?

I sure wish there was some way to get an answer for this question.

- oxyris - 2011-05-10

Hello everyone,

I also tried following this guide. I'm running XBMC 10.1 on Windows 7 x64. As blu-ray player I'm using TMT 5 version and the latest versions of Display Changer and ReClock.

The part of the guide about integrating the player into XBMC seems to be working fine. Changed the drive letter and the path to TMT 5 (I used "uMCEPlayer5.exe"). However, when I use TMT 5 together with ReClock & Display Changer, the problems start (it works flawlessly without them).

I changed the four lines in the RunEvent.vbs script to

WshShell.Run """C:\Software\Multimedia\Display Changer\dc64cmd"" -refresh=" & newRefreshRate, 0, true

because I installed the x64 version of Display Changer.

When I start TMT 5 and play a movie with ReClock installed, I have the following issues:

1) Refresh rate of monitor isn't changed. What happens is that RunEvent.vbs is opened as text file (it's assosciated with Notepad, could this be a problem?). The ReClock tray icon is red. If I change the refresh rate manually from my standard 59Hz to 24Hz the tray icon turns green, playback seems to be smoother.

2) No sound. At the beginning of the movie there is noise coming from my speaker setup but after a while there is no sound at all (my Logitech speaker system doesn't receive any data over the optical connection). W/o ReClock sound works perfectly. Are there any additional settings required?

3) TMT 5 crashes on close. When I try to close TMT 5 it hangs itself up and freezes. I have to choose "Close program" to quit. This doesn't happen w/o ReClock.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

edit: Issues 1) and 3) were solved by assosciating .vbs file with "Microsoft Windows Based Script Host". However, 2) still remains.

- oxyris - 2011-05-10

edit2: Issue 2) was fixed by ticking "Accept bitstream formats (not recommended)" in ReClock's audio settings. However, I'm not sure if I have the correct/ideal settings for my setup (HTPC connected with optical cable to a 5.1 speaker system with Dolby Digital and DTS hardware decoder). Currently I have "Bitstream: WaveOut (default)" and "WaveOut: Wave Mapper". I have no idea what these settings mean. Any suggestions on how to configure?

Sorry, I hit the reply instead of the edit button...

- Juggernaut - 2011-05-29

So does anyone have a definitive solution on how to play Blu Ray in PDVD?
I am now using the program launcher to launch powerdvd but its not the most elegant solution.

- linuxluemmel - 2011-06-12

Debian files for the new release 1.6.10 can be downloaded here :


I had a few weeks full of work, therefore I had allmost no time work on my projects.

- QLink - 2011-06-21

hi guys!

i've setup my HTPC step by step following mindweavers guide.

my hardware: HP N36L Microserver with ATI HD5450 and 5GB RAM, running on a philips 46PFL9715K ambilight TV

my software: windows home server 2011, xbmc dharma, powerdvd 11 ultra, displaychanger and reclock.

i've modified the scripts to fit my system and i finally got it all working.
it works, when i press play in xbmc at my bluraydrive entry(inception bluray inserted), that pdvd 11 starts, display changer changing to the right refresh rate and reclock symbol is getting green.

so everything is working as intended...

but the bluray playback is not 100% smooth at all No
when i click on the green reclock symbol it says display refresh rate 23,976Hz
and source also 23,976Hz
CPU load is about 50 - 60% during bluray playback (ATIVIVO enabled in pdvd)

what i've recognized:
when i look into ATI control center, i can only add 1080p 24Hz to the resolutions. there is no entry for 1080p 23Hz, altough i can manually change the refresh rate in windows to 23Hz.

but if reclock tells me that display refresh rate is 23,976Hz and the symbol is green, it should be ok anyway, right ?

do you have any ideas how i can achieve perfect smooth bluray playback ?
what could be the problem ?

my philips should be able to handle 23,976 Hz shouldn't it ?

thanks in advance

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