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Changing behaviour of 'Music' in Homescreen - WeirdH - 2009-12-21

Hello to anyone with some knowledge about this great skin,

Here's what I would like to change, I'm hoping it's just an adjustment in an xml: when choosing 'Movies' from the homescreen, it always takes me to the videolibrary-titles, regardless of what window I was in before that (Be it videofiles, or tv shows, or whatever. It even disregards any 'make default'-settings.).

I want to have this behaviour with 'Music' as well. Now, if I've been in musicfiles and choose 'Music' from home at a later time, it returns to the fileview and I have to manually switch back to libraryview. I want it to always go to library from the homescreen.

Can it be done? And if so, how?


- pre1014 - 2009-12-21

The mods for the skin already do this. Look for the line in the home.xml:


and change it to


You may also want to check out the qualar or color mod since they have it by default.

I actually had to do the opposite since I don't use the music library. I had to change the rapier mods so they would go to file view for music (and remove all the other music library meny options)

- WeirdH - 2009-12-22

Well, that did the trick. Very awesome, thanks a lot!!