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Transmission Support REQUEST - piotrasd - 2009-12-26

Im and i hope many many users will be very graceful if skin "Confluence"
will be support Transmission (Torrent Client)

Transmission have very clear and easy RPC so i hope without any problems we will be can manage our Torrent Client from GUI/Skin - "Confluence"

with possibilities:

- adding torrent file from disk (browse), or url
- check status of downloading files
- setup main option like: limit transfer of upload/download

So i hope author of the best skin Smile consider add menu for Torrent Smile

PS. Sorry for my english

- DocEvil - 2009-12-29

I agree with that,
but instead of a full integration in xbmc, it would be nice if by selecting the URL from the webui, a basic internet browser opens up in xbmc, so that the user not need a second PC to control the transmission deamon, or to install under Linux, full gnome or KDE

- althekiller - 2009-12-29

You can agree all you want, but this is not a job for the skin. Someone needs to write a script for it.

- piotrasd - 2009-12-30

i hope this help

This document describes a protocol for interacting with Transmission
sessions remotely.


- correl - 2010-05-28

I realized I've been sitting on a perfectly functional transmission script for XBMC for a few months now, and haven't released it anywhere. So, anyone who'd like to give it a try can pull it off of github: http://github.com/correl/Transmission-XBMC

It currently supports stopping, starting and removing torrents (it will prompt you before removing a torrent, and again to ask if you'd like to remove the data as well). You can also browse to and add local torrent files.

Be sure to check the script settings before running it if you need to modify the Transmission RPC host, port or login info.