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3D success - bragg2012 - 2010-08-02

Hi, Just thought I'd post about 3D viewing in XBMC as it seems to OK in my experience.

I've just got a Samsung 3D Ready TV and found some 3D mkv's which were in 'side by side' format. At first I got the mkv running in XBMC and put the TV in 3D side by side mode.

The playback was very juttery and slow, I think this is down to my little Dell Studio Hybrid as it usually stuggles playing 1080p anyway. On this file it was basically trying to play two at once.

Then I managed to get a 'half side by side' mkv which is a 1080p rip but the resolution has been halved width ways so its less intense. This played much better and was watchable, the 3D was almost spot on (bit of crosstalk but I need to tweak my tv settings as its still on default beauts).

I also had to crank up the brightness as its like watching TV with some weak shades on!

- bleze - 2010-08-03

Seems there are two ways to do MKV side-by-side encodes. Either half res. 1920x1080 (960x1080) or full res 3840x1080 (1920x1080) etc. Which might be way easier to get to work nicely with XBMC than 120 hz mode.

I wonder if there is some way to detect in the MKV if the picture is indeed side-by-side and also wonder how XBMC could tell/signal the TV to automatically shift to side-by-side mode if possible.

If you have a 3D MKV but not a 3D TV then XBMC should only send half the image (either the left or the right one) to the display to get normal 2D. This is useful as you will probably only have one 3D TV initially but can have more than one 2D TV in the house.

No question that the ION platform is fast enough for half res. encodes but I wonder if it will be able to handle full res encodes also. Time will tell as I'm getting 3D TV in a few weeks Smile

- gillone - 2010-08-03

I have xbmc installed on the same computer that uses StereoscopicPlayer frame sequencing with LCD glasses on a Samsung 3dDLP - glasses sync on the TV's add-on blinker (never got off sync).
So I really think that all it's needed is 120Hz movies - either mkv or avi - when TV detects the 120Hz framerate it enables the 3d mode and everything works.

- gillone - 2010-08-03

PS not too many movies in field seq format see this site

- bleze - 2010-08-05

I tried to play a 3840x1080 h264 on my ASRock ION 330 on the build I had on it from February. Sadly it's far for smooth. I saw only about 80-90% CPU use so I guess the GPU is maxed out by the huge image. Re-encoding as 1920x1080 should work fine but goodbye to the great details then Sad

Switch interface into side-by-side mode for 3D output - Anastrophe - 2010-08-19

The whole subject of supporting 3D content and playback is a complex one, but a real cool feature for xbmc would be to double render the interface in a side-by-side mode for users that wish to view 3D content and need to still be able to navigate through folders and libs to get at the content.

One way of appraching it would be to allow a library/dir to be flagged as containing 3D content, this would then trigger the user interface into dropping to 50% of its current resolution and outputting the same interface screen twice in a side-by-side fashion. Otherwise users have to navigate to the 3D content they want to watch in xbmc, turn on 3D mode on their TV (which then makes the xbmc interface unreadable) and then hit the play button. All Media info, current playing info etc cannot be read as it's not being displayed in side-by-side mode (i guess that's an additional change as when the content is actually playing the interface should go back to fullscreen or else we'd end up with 4 images, i.e. the side-by-side content doubled).

I'm sure in the future that skins could make use of the 3D aspect by rendering elements slightly offset to give depth etc.

Well there you go, my first feature suggestion/request.



SBS 3D Support for MKV Containers using Mitbusihi 3dc-1000? - BDPNA - 2010-08-24

Considering both my BriteView CinemaTube and my WD TV Live box seem to have no trouble passing SBS 3D video and audiointo my Mitsubishi converter box, any hope for XBMC doing this as well?

I realize XBMC is nowhere near supporting 3D natively, but considering the Mitsubishi 3dc-1000 has arrived, and some have figured out how to use it with Samsung sets as well, via EDID, do any of the developers plan to try it out?

I realize it's a long shot to hope for this, but when I saw my standalone boxes do it so effortlessly, I thought, why not XBMC? I secretly had crossed my fingers and hoped it would just work, but it didn't.

- Anastrophe - 2010-08-25

see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=79317

I've been playing back s-b-s 3D content on my Revo in xbmc, what's the problem you're facing?

- BDPNA - 2010-08-25

I'm using a zotac ion 330 based platform custom build. Are you doing this using xbmc live under ubuntu or another method? Also I'm using the svn, not camelot. Are you doing the same thing?

When I attempt to play SBS content fed through my mitsubishi converter box, the sound just goes all to static and the video doesn't combine.

- Anastrophe - 2010-09-01

To date I've only been using on my Panasonic 3D Plasma, I do also have a new Viewsonic 3D projector that uses the same checkboard 3D as your Mistsubishi and Amzon shipped my 4 pairs of 3D specs yesterday - but I don't have a converter box for it. My plan's to use it for DirectX 3D gaming through the free EZ3D drivers.

I've been using nighly builds for some time and most SBS stuff plays just fine on the Panny .

- BDPNA - 2010-09-01

I must have just been having handshake issues -- My zotac ion based htpc and xbmc is now handling playing SBS 3D movies just fine (or top/bottom). Don't think it can output checkerboard yet or maybe I just don't have a properly sourced checkerboard video file to test with yet.

But yep, working well with SBS and top/bottom. Way cool.

Can XBMC playback Blu-ray Disc 3D movies today? - BasalGanglia - 2010-10-10

I was just curious if XBMC played 3d bluray isos

- isamu.dragon - 2010-10-10


- BasalGanglia - 2010-10-10

okay, thanks for the reply

- ashlar - 2010-10-10

not yet is probably the correct answer. Smile