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Alaska Original BUGS thread - Hitcher - 2010-01-25

Post any new bugs here but please check with other skins first to make sure it's an Alaska problem.

Also posting screenshots help.

Title and time overlap in video OSD - Elbert - 2010-01-25

Title and time overlap in video OSD:


EDIT: Fixed (Hitcher)

- Hitcher - 2010-01-25

Looks like I missed the 24 hour clock.

- moontan77 - 2010-01-25

Videos which are 2.35 (2.35:1) just say 2..... in the video flag

- moontan77 - 2010-01-25

Using the apples trailers lite plugin, using list view, the film title is on top of the duration. And on file view, the "Downloading movie information ....." is on top of the poster.

EDIT: Fixed (Hitcher)

- Noodie - 2010-01-25

Just grabbed the new build, excellent stuff Hitcher!

Minor thing, which was already present in the previous version:

If you are on the top row in either the Settings or Music Wall mode and you press down twice (quick) the screen kinda jumps.

This isn't present when you move to the top row from the bottom row.

Also, if I try to add a folder somewhere, the menu items have hyphens hoovering over them?
I've added a screenshot to show you what I mean.


- Hitcher - 2010-01-25

moontan77 Wrote:Videos which are 2.35 (2.35:1) just say 2..... in the video flag
They work fine for me.

What resolution are you using?

Passthrough text out of the box - Elbert - 2010-01-25

When trying to change the volume while using passthrough audio, the text runs out of the volume box:

EDIT: Fixed (Hitcher)

Setting content dialog text out of box - Elbert - 2010-01-25

When setting the content to movies, the text runs out of the dialog box:

EDIT: Fixed (Hitcher)

- Oral-B - 2010-01-26

Not exactly a bug, but red on dark gray is pretty much impossible to read...


- oo_void - 2010-01-26

That's one heck of a mouse cursor you have in the new version Wink.

- Hitcher - 2010-01-26

oo_void Wrote:That's one heck of a mouse cursor you have in the new version Wink.
You got the message then.

- chareos - 2010-01-26

- The volume "white pill" (the background) looks stretched on the right

EDIT: Fixed earlier (Hitcher)

- (italian) OSD "Estimated end time" string is too long. So, the end time is... not shown ! I'd suggest something more schematic, like [actual time][play icon][end time]

EDIT: Fixed (Hitcher)

- It seems that movie genre is gone, whatever the view, and in OSD also

EDIT: Intentional (Hitcher)

- movies content setting dialog: the "settings ok cancel" line overlaps "exclude path from archive updates" (please note I'm translating it from my italian screen, may be inaccurate)

EDIT: Fixed earlier (Hitcher)

- In flags, aspect ratio isn't showed completely (no, I haven't tweaked the font.xml file ... yet)

EDIT: Can't repeat, works here (Hitcher)

BTW: I like where the skin is going. really.

- TheDuffMan - 2010-01-26

I also get the aspect ratio 2.xx not showing fully, only "2...". If I stretch the windowed XBMC on Windows 7, I can get it to show. But full screen at 1366x768 it gets cut off. I also tried this on XBMC Live at 1080p resolution, and the 2.xx also gets cut off.

- hikaricore - 2010-01-26

Video info/view mode popups are nearly in the middle of the screen.
I'll try and post a screenshot of what I mean shortly.