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[LIVE] HOW-TO install Firefox in an XBMC Live setup - dabagboy - 2010-01-26

Apologies to the vets but this thread (HOW-TO) seemed sorely missing as I sure could not find it - if it's been done mea culpa -

Bear with me as I've been using Linux for 2 days, but this process helped me understand a lot more about the OS and update process...

But already I want to "give back" so:

Assuming your XBMC session is running well for you...

Exit to a terminal session
you need to get to the terminal prompt with your admin/login/xbmc password
it will read
[email protected]:~$
PHP Code:
sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop-data 
approve any Y/N confirmations and let it install your gnome desktop
once complete type
PHP Code:
there might be some odd error about "wallpaper/eterm" click OK...it ain't pretty but follow me here....
right click on the desktop select xterm under Applications:Terminal Emulators:xterm
that will open another terminal session
The next several commands will throw Y/N confirmations about disk space at you just approve them all type
PHP Code:
sudo apt-get update 
PHP Code:
sudo apt-get install update-manager 

PHP Code:
sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 


now to launch from that beautiful desktop select Firefox 3.5 Browser buried under Applications:Network:Web Browsing:Firefox

EDIT : see jgs2n's post immediately below to setup a launch/icon within XBMC
Was that as good for you as it was for me?

- jgs2n - 2010-01-26

And how to launch firefox from xbmc using the launcher. I also am no linux expert and struggled with this for a while before getting it to work.

This worked for me but is not guaranteed to work for everyone. There may be better ways to do this that I am unaware of.

1. Get firefox. Enter terminal mode with ctrl-alt F3
sudo apt-get install firefox
I had to do sudo apt-get update before I could download firefox
2. Make a shortcut directory that xbmc can see
sudo mkdir /home/(your username)/shortcuts
3. make a symlink to this directory for firefox that allows you to run firefox from launcher
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/firefox /home/(your username)/shortcuts/firefox
4. Install launcher
get it from here http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-launcher/downloads/list
use winscp to put in /home/(your username)/.xbmc/plugins/programs
5. Reboot to xbmc and open programs, program plugins, launcher
6. Choose standalone (normal PC executable) and choose firefox from Home folder/shortcuts
7. At application arguments you can hit done. Set title of the launcher as firefox. You can get a firefox thumbnail and add to favorites if you desire.
8. When you open firefox, it may only open in half the screen. You get mouse and keyboard focus by hitting the \ key. You can resize it by dragging or hit f11 for fullscreen toggle. Once you exit firefox you will need to hit the \ key to once again see xbmc fullscreen.
9. One other thing. Installing firefox somehow will ruin your suspend/awake from suspend control by your remote (if you have this working). There is a ticket for this. Basically, under shut down functions, if you see ?0? and ?1? for choices, then you have this issue. For me the following solved it.
sudo apt-get remove policykit-1
sudo apt-get remove devicekit-power

You can see this thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65726 for further details regarding this.

Hope this helps.

- pumkinut - 2010-01-26

That is beautiful. I'm going to have to try it out tomorrow.

- outleradam - 2010-01-26

Is there a way to get the remote to work as a mouse for firefox?

- dabagboy - 2010-01-26

Thanks jgs2n, that should/might help as I found that I cannot launch that gnome desktop and thus firefox when XBMC is still running in another "workspace/window" ctrl-alt-F7 or whatever

- xbmcliveuser - 2010-01-26

outleradam Wrote:Is there a way to get the remote to work as a mouse for firefox?

I'd also like to know how to do this, if it's at all possible! But thanks for the above info!

- ZooMigo - 2010-01-26

More important, if you install Firefox and go to Hulu will it load the flash plugin? If so, I could see someone making a plugin to scrape hulu and pass the URL straight to firefox and it would make many, many people happy.

I would even be willing to give it a shot. I can program a couple languages but never learned python (looks kinda like rexx).

- dabagboy - 2010-01-27

outleradam Wrote:Is there a way to get the remote to work as a mouse for firefox?

I would doubt it, I have a wireless mouse so it's not a huge issue, although the range is a bit limited as if drops about 12 inches before my couch.

- tahvaja - 2010-01-28

jgs2n Wrote:1. Get firefox. Enter terminal mode with ctrl-alt F3
sudo apt-get install firefox
I had to do sudo apt-get install update before I could download firefox

Two stupid questions by newbie:

1. Where should I install Firefox? (to some certain directory?)
2. Which platform is this guide for (does it even matter?) I´m running XBMC Camelot on Ubuntu Karmic, minimal install.

- casatech - 2010-01-28

sudo apt-get install firefox
This installs it automatically into the correct directory for you.

- casatech - 2010-01-28

The command
Quote:sudo apt-get install firefox

Installs it automatically into the correct directory for you.

- tahvaja - 2010-01-30

Ok I did all the steps and everything went fine until I´m supposed to launch Firefox that shows up in the list; and nothing happens. Only a window pops up indicating "Launcher 100%" and then disappears. I noticed, that the newest launcher available is for XBMC 9.04, I´m running 9.11. Could that be the problem?

- Vladimir - 2010-01-30

Download - Launcher 0.22 Beta ?

- jgs2n - 2010-01-31

I used launcher 1.04 with xbmc live 9.11

- Csimbi - 2010-01-31

Does it mean that Firefox runs on top of XBMC? (I did not install a windowing system, just the bare XBMC).