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Full screen video info xml question - DannyBres - 2010-01-26

When I pause a video instad of the little popup I want the full info pop up you get wen you press Info ie the whole bottom thing with end time and poster etc.

I assume this is controlled with a <visible> command but which 720p/**.xml file is it in.



- igotdvds - 2010-01-26

Good question, but could you do me a favor and show me what you are referring to? I am at work and cant picture the screen you are talking about. Also, what button currently shows the screen you are referring to?

- DannyBres - 2010-01-26

When paused I do not want to see this


I want to see this!


Sorry for the stupid pictures! Tongue

- Jezz_X - 2010-01-27

the little one is DialogSeekBar.xml
the big one is DialogFullScreenInfo.xml

- DannyBres - 2010-01-27

Thanks! Big Grin

- igotdvds - 2010-01-28

Jezz_X Wrote:the little one is DialogSeekBar.xml
the big one is DialogFullScreenInfo.xml

So how do we make "Pause" bring up the other screen?

@DannyBres...Did you get this to work?

- mcorcoran - 2010-01-30

I am curious too, has anyone gotten this to work?

- igotdvds - 2010-01-31

Can anyone tell us how to do this?

- Jezz_X - 2010-01-31

depends your either going to need to add/change visible conditions to both of the xmls one to stop it coming up and the other to make it come up. I'm not sure you can make DialogFullScreenInfo.xml show when paused (never tried it) but if you can't you will need to dupicate all the code from it and put it in the seekbar one

- DannyBres - 2010-01-31

Just looked and it looks confusing might try one day!

Thanks for the info tho Jezz_X

If you have time can you tell my which line in the code makes it appear when 'i' is pressed! or is that in a different xml?

- Jezz_X - 2010-02-01

Its hard coded in xbmc to open that dialog when I (and other mapped stuff) is pushed in fullscreen

- DannyBres - 2010-02-01

ok thanks! Smile

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