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[MOD] MediaStream-x(box) v1.6 - Waffa - 2010-01-28

This mod is special made for the xbox...

Added: Skinsettings to hide views !!

See skinsettings/
Movies --> to hide views for Movies/TvShows
Video --> to hide views for videos
Music --> to hide views for Musicfiles/library/playlist
Pictures --> to hide views for pictures

Hiding views will speed up the skin and gain more free memory....
so the more views you hide the better the skin will performe on the xbox.

Another memory tip ! Use "Alt Massive" fonts (saves 2MB)
set it in : System/settings/appearance/skin/fonts

Homescreen (v1.6) works great on the xbox Nod

I noticed that: Media Preview is the most memory using view.
It will run but you need to disable a lot of views if you want to use that view.

Download: MediaStream-x v1.6

Have fun you guys and let me know how it runs on your xbox.

Cheers Waffa.

- xbs08 - 2010-01-28

Many thanks Waffa!

- kautious - 2010-01-28

Thanks for the mod Waffa!!Nod

- KymyA - 2010-01-28

I noticed something with this skin and all other skins except MediaStream_Redux, or that if I start playing the video, the audio feels jerky and the video starts with 5 seconds of delay. This happens with every version compiled by t3ch or sshcs...
Even happens that the versions made by sshcs not allow me to select the plugins. If I do, the system hangs completely.
You think that video should clear the database and do a new scan to fix things? Confirm that the videos work perfectly for you?

Thanks for the mod, however ... I recognize that my problem has nothing to do with this mod ..

- Waffa - 2010-01-28

Strange problem.....
First: I should rename/delete the guisettings.xml and look if the problem is solved.
Second: rename your userdata and start with default userdata and scrape a few movies.

If your movies still won't play properly it's a build problem.
Don't know your build rev you use, but look for the player it is using Mplayer or dvdplayer.
Mplayer is for the xbox imo the best player.(is default, again)

Maybe you're using a build where dvdplayer was set default.

- KymyA - 2010-01-28

this happens with every build >=26941, compiled by t3ch or sshcs. And happens with dvdplayer or mplayer.
It's so strange! I will try to rename Userdata and build a new one.
And thank goodness that my Xbox has 64MB of additional RAM as you can see in the signature !!!

if you were interested, I prepared the translation into Italian of MediaStream-x ... just last night.

- Waffa - 2010-01-28

Enable debug log start a movie and take a look to your log file.Wink

Translation is always good. Upload the string.xml file in Mediastream v1.60 skunk will add the translation to MediaStream.

Yep, you've got more memory but xbmc won't use it No

- xbs08 - 2010-01-28

Waffa, i think there's something wrong in optionsmenu 'cause "media preview" still appears listed even when selected.

- Waffa - 2010-01-28

Were is that im Movies/tvshows or video ?

Checked yesterday if all would hide and it did.

Double checked it and works ok here.

Skin settings movies: hide views will disable views for movies and TVshows.

Skin settings Video: hide views will disable views for video.

- xbs08 - 2010-01-28

Movies, but i'm on an old build, gonna test when i get home on a newer build and check if it shows.

- KymyA - 2010-01-28

Waffa Wrote:Enable debug log start a movie and take it. I WILL TAKE A look to your log file.Wink

fixed. Big Grin

- xbs08 - 2010-01-28

yep, list, info list, wallview, panel stream and coverflow are hiding when selected but media preview and media preview lite don't hide.


- KymyA - 2010-01-28

Nothing... i have renamed the Userdata folder and, when I play a divx/xvid/vob, the CPU go at 100% of usage... I must use only the MediaStream_Redux to play videos correctly. I grabbed the xbmc.log but I don't understand nothing...
Tomorrow i will post the log...

- Waffa - 2010-01-28

xbs08 Wrote:yep, list, info list, wallview, panel stream and coverflow are hiding when selected but media preview and media preview lite don't hide.


Really strange those views hide perfectly here..

Anyone else have this problem.Huh

xbs08 If they are still visible in options menu and you select one of them does the view show or do you get default list view ?

- xbs08 - 2010-01-28

Nope, they show as soon i select them.