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Home Theatre Experience Button? - syeuk2002 - 2010-02-04


Can anyone please help me figure out how to add the home theatre script button to my movie info in back row? I've tried a few similar tutorials for other skins & have had no luck.

Many thanks


- Sharpe - 2010-02-06

Download this and use it to replace the DialogVideoInfo.xml file in the PAL16x9 folder.

- syeuk2002 - 2010-02-06

Well done Sharpe. Thanks very much.


- ubuntuf4n - 2010-02-09

What can i do with the home theater button ?

- djdafreund - 2010-02-09

It will start the Home Theater script (if you grabbed it.), but before asking, you can find out what the script is in the proper XBMC area. It's pretty cool.

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-02-09

ok THX !

- dankerschen - 2010-03-30

Hey there...this interest me as well but unfortunately I get an "Invalid or Deleted File"-Message?

- andrpro - 2010-03-30

file not available

- Sharpe - 2010-03-30

Oh that's because I made it part of the skin - you can switch it on in "skin options"

- dankerschen - 2010-03-30

Oh, sorry my bad! Thanks for the quick answer!!!

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