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- ppic - 2010-04-07

sometimes i use paint.net too Big Grin

- IamLegend - 2010-04-08

ppic Wrote:sometimes i use paint.net too Big Grin

Thanks I'll give that one a try as well.

- mcborzu - 2010-04-11

Since I really like the Logo concept and my skin is getting close I created a LOGO THREAD for all logo specific inquires and made some quick proof of concept mods for a couple skins...

- SiNJiN - 2010-04-13

Wow. Just learned of this skin through a youtube video. Can't wait for its release!

Super Skin - paul - 2010-04-16

Hi really stunning skin so far.
The Tv shows section has got to have some of the best viewtypes i have ever seen in any skin. Could i make a small suggestion/request could you add the episode number
to the panel in 3D landscape view as this would prove helpfull for me at least.

Will give it a complete shakedown in the morning, but so far i am impressed with what you have achieved in such a short time, and no doubt i will spend many months modifying textures to to better suit me(which shows it's good)
Ps hope i aint let the cat out of the bag by posting thisSmile

- mcborzu - 2010-04-16

NO, it's easier for me to follow a thread than a thousand PM's....I'm getting very close about 3-4 weeks. Nothing major to do except weather and making it translatable, really just touching up now.

- paul - 2010-04-16

mcborzu Wrote:NO, it's easier for me to follow a thread than a thousand PM's....I'm getting very close about 3-4 weeks. Nothing major to do except weather and making it translatable, really just touching up now.
no probs, not looked at weather as it's not so important to me. Look forward to seeing how this progresses, well so far so good...Smile

- XBMCG33K - 2010-04-16

Have only had a couple mins to go through the windows, thus far all I have seen has been pretty good. I have a couple things I'll mention in a later post once I have a full list of things I have noticed Smile

- reaven - 2010-04-16

picture..just in case I cant express in words, in movies library wall view, the layout stays in place while the posters screen change
i try to capture the moment when the posters were moving, see the lines crossing the posters.

* I paint the first ones in red.

tv views - 3d landscape and landscape are to kill for .... seen that it wont be a bad idea a clearTitle only, view !!!
*network logo overlapping

Music- the jukebox was very clever the labels, the nav and stuff but is not my favorite personally.
-this is depending which function are you using to pull the fanart for music on the viz. screen but is not working for me, maybe is the XBMC svn am using since am testing the skin on my more powerful "XBMC client" which have (SVN:23592).
-also after select another view other than wall I cant select wall again only jukebox and file
-lol, I recognized half MusicVisualization.xml.Cool
*it was that this
have never work, dont know why!

BTW - fu*&!# good work !!!

- hikaricore - 2010-04-16

I'm pretty sure this is just a side effect of the layout as a whole. If you notice when you scroll the outside boundary stays the same.
This is due to there being a static background wall_backdrop_may.png the posters that are accessible are just an overlay of this image.
The visual issue can be solved by removing the grey boxes behind where the actual posters sit, this however presents a new issue of the border being a little more noticeable and the scrolling appearing less smooth imho.

- reaven - 2010-04-16

yeah the effect can be tricky ... what about removing static background ?

I think the same effect can be added if the poster grid continue until behind the title and plot , add a gradient filter on top and limit the onfocus select item to where is now so you wont be selecting something behind the text.

another thing is and this I dont know if is possible a continuous scroll, when you are arriving to the end hte beginning is already there, instead of end and jumping to the beginning again.


- hikaricore - 2010-04-16

Then the wall will just kinda hover and the continuous effect will be lost.
I guess he could (in theory) make it like 6 rows high and 8 spaces longer in theory,
but that would be a massive massive memory hog and probably ruin the view.
Since it's already displaying 40 (i think) movies on the screen at once.. I suspect the limit is already being pushed.

- mcborzu - 2010-04-16

Thx for the feedback, yea wall view is one view I haven't touchup yet...Even though it uses alot of thumbs it runs pretty good on my lower spec PC, I was kinda suprised when I started the wall view that it handles well on a low spec PC.

I use these the most, these should be pretty much done:
3d landscape

All the others have a little more touchup to do...

- mcborzu - 2010-04-16


Pretty much any build after r26770 should be good thats when they added auto-sizing labels. When I tested on Camelot, the majority of skin was good just a few labels were off and some animations were off.

- ronie - 2010-04-16

a few oddities i came across:
  • there a 'operation bartowski' logo in System Info...maybe it's just me missing the point, but i have no idea what it's doing there...

  • i wouldn't use strings like 'artist level' and 'album level' (jukebox view), just 'artists' and 'albums' would make more sense to the end-user.

  • music library, viewtype songs, when i'm at the bottom of the list, pressing down doesn't take me to the top of the list.

  • the Settings section, in it's current state, reminds me a bit too much of Confluence. i hope, in time, those Confluence textures will be replaced by your own ones.

  • don't think there's supposed to be a submenu for scripts?

  • missing background and strangely placed menu in weather

  • default background is hardly visible at the root of the music library

  • Music in filemode, at song level, missing titles:

  • root of the pictures section, is kinda hard to navigate in this way:

  • player control buttons are partially overlapping time label in visualisation

cheers for the sneak-peak mcborzu. i've enjoyed taking it for a ride.
oh, and feel free to use any T! code you're interested in. ;-)