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- binBD - 2011-06-04

RazorFR Wrote:Very nice. I am new to emulators, and I have to confess advanced launcher is out of my league for now...
So I just enabled the movie poster view in the program section...and I am happy with the result Smile

[Image: qzdqu.png]

[Image: sanstitrewk.jpg]

All Kudos to XBMCG33K and Blackbold for creating such a beautiful skin and Marjanovich for giving the idea in the first place a few months ago

Download and replace in your 720p skin folder
the link dosnt exist anymore

- nonosto - 2012-01-14

binBD Wrote:the link dosnt exist anymore

Dear Friend

Somebody knows a work link please, it's a very nice variation of Xpereice Skin.


I found here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=103818

- RazorFR - 2012-01-16

binBD Wrote:the link dosnt exist anymore

I would love to help, but sorry I don't have it anymore.
Try the new Xperience1080 with the advance launcher. It has all the fancy views for games.

- nonosto - 2012-01-17

dear razorFr

Xperience and especially Advanced launchers does'nt work with my old XBOX.

Are you an another solution please?


- nonosto - 2012-01-18

Dear razorFr

any idea for reconstitute this skin?

It's so hard for me.


- Malexx - 2012-02-15

Dont know if this is the right thread.
So here a little thing i made for myself for Xperience1080

I saw the wideview mod in this thread and made on for Xperience1080.
I changed the Media Flags in the theme to the transparent ones from fusion and also changed the hd flags.
Also i added Flags for Movie Set and IMDBTop250 Ranking.
PosterView is Standard and on rightclick you get the details.

I dont know if overriding the texture.xbt works,if it doesnt you must get the media folder from the svn and place it instead of the texture.xbt

Download Widelist