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- Hitcher - 2010-07-07

kin0kin Wrote:[BUG REPORT] Window Overlapping
This was found when adding a source. I did not test every window thoroughly.

Videos -> Add video source > Browse -> simply add a source

Now highlight the path and hit enter. The keyboard menu shows up overlapping the bottom window. I believe a background for the keyboard menu would solve this problem.
Fixed, thanks.

kin0kin Wrote:[BUG REPORT] Double Tapping action is stuttering
I believe double tapping a directional key/remote button is suppose to make it skip quickly. However, I believe the keystroke response time needed is set too short. If you hit any direction too quickly, the skip action will try to kick in resulting in a choppy motion/stuttering.

This can be recreated in either music, wallview, or in the default home menu.
Not a lot I can do about it other than remove the animation altogether and that looks worse IMO.

- Hitcher - 2010-07-07

mudstuff Wrote:I'd be happy to make some for my collection of about 150 movies so far and could share them and see if the idea takes off? Initially, I could just resize all the fanart on TVDB to 408x230 and use a different one - I just don't like seeing the same image in the background as on the thumbnail so by batch resizing and renaming to landscape.jpg in their own folder wouldn't take too long. I could then look at making some where the movie name is in the thumb if people prefer that, sort of a mini, wide poster and similar to the TV landscape view.

I'd be happy to take this on and give back since I don't know how to skin or do anything else particularly useful (related to XBMC Big Grin)

Perhaps I should start a thread and see if others would like this option to see if it would be worht your while doing this (or providing me the details and I have a stab at it)?

All you'd have to do is change any $INFO[ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image)] to $INFO[ListItem.Path,,/landscape.jpg] in Viewtype_Landscape.xml.

- mudstuff - 2010-07-07

Thanks, though I don't want to replace poster view. How could I add it as an additional view? Though tbh I've never really understood the different between the 2 poster views so could do it to one of them...

- Hitcher - 2010-07-07

Sorry, got confused there - check my post again.

- mudstuff - 2010-07-07

Thanks, now I'm confused LOL. Viewtype_Landscape.xml would still work the same for TV shows, but allow a different landscape image in movies as opposed to currently duplicating the fanart image? i.e it's not going to conflict or change anything to the TV landscape view?

Apologies for being such a nooooob Smile

- Hitcher - 2010-07-07

Nope, it wont affect TV Shows as fanart is only used for Movies.

- mudstuff - 2010-07-07

?? I have fanart in TV shows though. Is it just called something different? I'll make the changes and see what happens...

I currently use XBMC to scrape TV show stuff but I'm planning to use EMM for it like I do for movies. I've got the banners and landscape images in the tv show folders ready and plan to scrape the fanart and poster using EMM, hopefully it'll be smooth sailing.

- Hitcher - 2010-07-07

I meant the actual code $INFO[ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image)] is only used for Movies to display the fanart images, once you change it to $INFO[ListItem.Path,,/landscape.jpg] it'll look for a landscape.jpg in each movie folder.

- mudstuff - 2010-07-07

Ok, sorry for all the questions. I trust you Wink I'll see how I get on.

- harryzimm - 2010-07-07

Hi Hitcher,

I think the mediafire link has been deleted. Would this effect installing from xbmc also?


- mudstuff - 2010-07-07


Mediafire link isn't there and Alaska Revisited isn't showing under Addons inside XBMC. I'll see if the SVN way works that was in an earlier post.

EDIT: This still works - http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=559983&postcount=281

- Hitcher - 2010-07-07

Yeah you'll have to hold fire while I sort out the download links as the team aren't adding 3rd party repos just yet.

theuni Wrote:We've discussed this internally a bit and decided not to add a bunch of 3rd party repos just yet. We want to solidify the adoption of the official repo first.

That said, if you have a stable skin ready for inclusion, please submit it on the mailing list (see xbmc.org) and we'll have a look.


- scalpel - 2010-07-07

Is there a way to have workiing polish fonts, im installed alaska skin but no polish characters. Thanks for any reply.

I see now GJones, also unusable skin for me

- kcmedic - 2010-07-07

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but when on the home screen (using view 1) when you go to the Weather tab and scroll down through the days, the pictures go crazy when you get to the weather settings at the bottom. It seems to be cycling through all the available weather pics at high speed. Is this a new visualization?Big Grin

- GJones - 2010-07-07

scalpel Wrote:Is there a way to have workiing polish fonts, im installed alaska skin but no polish characters. Thanks for any reply.

Would the answer to that be covered in the "No Unicode Support" disclaimer in post 1?