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- tungmeister - 2011-08-30

Looking very good, can't wait for September!

- dsmuk - 2011-08-30

Bloody hell! That it truly stunning, you must be so proud of that.

- otcho - 2011-08-30

Looks unbelievable! Too bad I can't use nightlies due to my XBMCLive-Installation Sad

- binBD - 2011-08-31

ay black ,did you ever decide to enable poster view for the programs section i saw the video and everything but nothing what so ever about programsNerd

just wanted 2 noNod

- `Black - 2011-08-31

Programs & Pictures will just have list view, I'll add other views later.

- BigNoid - 2011-08-31

Just saw the video from 29th. Nice work, there is so much detail in the animations, looks really good. I always liked xperience and this really steps it up a notch.

- ZombieRobot - 2011-08-31

I agree with big noid awesome job looks fantastic

- Japaja - 2011-09-01

When it's ready please post a big bold link (like that video link) in first post. I don't want to miss it. Smile

- `Black - 2011-09-01

There will be a new thread. ^^

- Mikesch - 2011-09-01

It's September 1st here in Germany, where is the download? Angry

Just kidding, Laugh video and skin look absolutely awesome, can't wait to try it out! Great job!

- Japaja - 2011-09-01

`Black Wrote:There will be a new thread. ^^

Oh, even better. Laugh

- tungmeister - 2011-09-03

I hope this gets released today, I'm going away for afew days and really want to try it out before I go!

- otcho - 2011-09-05

Any news on a release date?

- `Black - 2011-09-05


- D0nR0s4 - 2011-09-05

Oh dear god,
I just watched that video and have to say I am impressed by it like I have barely ever been before by an XBMC skin.

The fluidity of the animations and more importantly the "round" feeling of this is simply amazing. This makes me want to build a dedicated Media Center PC.