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RE: [MOD] Kiosk Mode - apeg - 2014-11-22

I have a feeling this tread will get more activity with Helix. Kiosk mode does not seem to be in the Helix version of the Confluence skin.

Ironically enough, Crookas original post from 2010 is not far off, only change is the location to put

So follow the direction in the top post, BUT when you get to:
open up MyVideoNav.xml, MyMusicNav.xml, MyPics.xml...

add that to line 61 (in MyVideoNav.xml, may differ for the other two), i put it right above

        <control type="group">
            <control type="grouplist" id="9000">

Note* the posts in between regarding MyVideo.xml do not apply, that file is not in the Helix confluence skin.

RE: [MOD] Kiosk Mode - JasonPell - 2014-12-04

I have created a helix mod of the confluence skin which just does the kiosk mode. I based it on this thread.


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