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xbmc.activatewindow with instant return - smithr99 - 2010-03-27

Hi, I think i already asked this but the post got wiped when the site went down, and my memory is terrible!!...

Is there a way of setting my keymap.xml to XBMC.ActivateWindow(musicplaylist) but when I press Prev after opening this, it goes right back through the music directory structure (eg first time it goes to genres,artists,albums etc)

many thanks

- spiff - 2010-03-27

append ,return

- smithr99 - 2010-03-27

aha! I knew it was something simple - memory now implanted Tongue

- hubi2000 - 2011-10-02

Is there a workarround to get this behavior for file-mode too?

- jhsrennie - 2011-10-03

Can you give a few more details e.g. an example of what is not working the way you want.


- hubi2000 - 2011-10-03


I tried to make my mediacenter child- and wife-safe. therefor i forced them to use the subblades in homescreen (confluence) and hardcoded every source in it.

If i now choose for example 'compilations'


and leave it, i'm back in the homescreen

if i choose a source in filemode:


i got back to the musicfiles roots-screen, instead of the homescreen

same behavior for programs,videos and so on.

sorry, for my english, i hope you got what i meant? Big Grin

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