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- Sranshaft - 2010-06-29

Kode Wrote:You wont get any more on a page because every single one for each category is shown already, but if you can think of a better use of the space im open to ideas

What I meant was having two columns of logos similar to the thumbnail view in XBMC. I'll see if I can't mockup some design ideas for you.

Edit: I see you fixed it. http://www.lockstockmods.net/clearart/?filter=0-9 works as well.

- Kode - 2010-06-29

do you mean split the list over the two columns? If so its easy enough to do, but will mean reworking some of the code, if not, send me a mockup

- mcborzu - 2010-06-29

Update 6-29

***We are in the process of moving the logos to a more organized, professional site - LockStockMods.net - Check it out!, Many thx to Kode!!

This SCRIPT will automate the process and match whatever shows you have and downoad the logo.png for you


- Kode - 2010-06-29

What do people think of this for an idea?

Basically on the lockstockmods side, in the user area you can create a unique hash. Then you put that hash in an xbmc script and run it, the script collects all the tv series you have and sends them to lockstockmods, then when you go back into the lockstockmods user area theres a section called ClearLOGOS, you click on that and it displays all the tv series you have, and next to them the logo if there is one, text saying pending if theres no logo but its already been requested, and a button to request it if theres none.

If there are multiple logos it could also let you choose your favourite.

Any thoughts?

- Sranshaft - 2010-06-29

Kode Wrote:do you mean split the list over the two columns? If so its easy enough to do, but will mean reworking some of the code, if not, send me a mockup

Here's a little mockup I'm working on. I'm not sure how set you are on the layout you have already but I thought I'd try to tie things in a little.


At the moment when, the first thing you see when you go to the site is text. You need to scroll down to see the first couple of logos. I thought we'd want to highlight the images more and move the image instructions, things contributors and not users would need to know to the bottom of the page. This points the focus of the page on to the images where it should be.

I have some more mock-ups for the browsing pages and the image pop-ups but I thought I'd hold off and see what you thought of this before getting too far ahead. I tried to keep the overall feel of what you have already present; just refining things a bit. Nod

- Kode - 2010-06-29

I like it, there are some really good ideas there.

I'm not sure about the height of the bar (if you click on Home, you can see that area is used for paging).

I've been thinking what i have so far is too busy and i like the simplification you have done.

If you browse the rest of the site and can come up with something that will work everywhere id be happy to change things up.

Also bare in mind the current design uses css to create rounded corners (doesn't work in ie, doesn't break anything, they are just square, but i'm fine with that), but that means there might be some compromises.

Are the numbers part of the design, or just to point out things to me?

- Sranshaft - 2010-06-29

I actually took into account the other pages of your website. If you'd like me to show you what the other pages would look like (the ones other than the ClearLOGO section) I'd be happy to do that.

As for CSS, as long as you have IE8 there shouldn't be any problems. IE8 is pretty good when it comes to following CSS standards and it's only when you get to IE6 that things start to get screwy. either way, compromises are, unfortunately, the name of the game when it comes to web design.

Oh and the numbers were just for pointing things out. I had a bit of explanation to go with each one but I forgot to throw that up in the previous post.

Basically, I don't know if it's something you would consider but I would separate the home page into 3 types of users and change the contents accordingly.

a. Those users who are signed-in.
b. Those users that aren't.
c. Moderators.

For users that fall into Group A, I would only show the latest uploaded logos as that's going to be the thing they will be concerned with most. For users that fall into Group B, show New Requests. And for moderators include a Pending Images section.

- Kode - 2010-06-29

Sure, show me the mockups Smile

If you are going to mess with color the header might need changing, feel free to play with it with the PSD http://www.lockstockmods.net/lsm-header.psd sounds like a good idea displaying context specific data.

I think i'm going to do a wordpress plugin for the moderators so all the mod actions are done from the user area ( http://www.lockstockmods.net/wp-admin/ )

The site is currently forced to ie7 compatability mode because ie8 seems to break a lot of sites without it, don't know if it breaks the current site, i can take it off to check.

- Kode - 2010-06-29

Also with latest approved logos, might be better to have the overlay at the top rather than the bottom, as the images are bottom aligned, so theres always going to be something going on at the bottom, whereas the top if often empty

- mcborzu - 2010-06-29

Kode Wrote:Also with latest approved logos, might be better to have the overlay at the top rather than the bottom, as the images are bottom aligned, so theres always going to be something going on at the bottom, whereas the top if often empty

Also maybe its disappears on mouseover, or vice-versea it appears on mouseover....

- Sranshaft - 2010-06-29

Oh, I had intended on having the overlays disappear on mouseover as Mcborzu suggested. I'd still like to go with the overlays aligned to the bottom. The image would look top heavy and that's a huge no-no in design. Anchoring to the bottom is always the way to go. We could try both ways and see which looks best though.

- Kode - 2010-06-29

sounds like a good idea, not sure which would be best, have the overlays show up on mouseover or disappear, again, probably a good idea to try both Smile

- Kode - 2010-06-29

ive added the overlays to come up when you mouse over the latest approved logos

- hikaricore - 2010-06-29

I suspect some of those Derren Brown series that have been requested are duplicates.
At one point we merged a lot of them but I kinda forgot about the whole thing..
I'll be investigating further when I get home.

**Edit** I just checked and it seems like we already cleared out most of the dupes here so these should be fine.
Didn't want anyone putting a ton of time into the logos only to have several removed later. :p

- zwat - 2010-06-30

nice site Big Grin
Image Instructions
Image Size 400 x 155px
Centered and Bottom Align
Try to fill as much width/height as possible
Try to fill as much width/height as possible
Try to go with the lighter color version of a logo since 90% of skins are dark
Add a small 1-2px drop shadow/border so if on a lighter skin they'll pop out a little more instead of blend in
"Try to fill as much width/height as possible" guess this is important since it's mentioned twice Big Grin
can i suggest the thetvdb in "request logos..." as clickable link to thetvdb site?

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