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- hikaricore - 2010-08-05

Ah, I forgot all about that. :p

Yea yea I've been busy, I'll see what I can do this weekend.

- Kode - 2010-08-05

hehe, no worries, just thought i'd give you a little reminder Tongue

- Rad_ - 2010-08-05

Here's a decent standby until someone makes something more specific:


Also worth noting the font recognition websites. As has been pointed out, it's often easier to recreate a logo than to extract it.

- Kode - 2010-08-05

Nice find Rad Smile

- mcborzu - 2010-08-06

Even 1 day in I can see how that "Requested" feature wll be helpful. On that subject of "Requested" I feel the image seems to obscures the show banner. Maybe, unless it screws the css, where I put the red box might be better:


Anyways getting "Night" 10.5 ready and real life has taken up alot of time. Hopefully I can knock out at the very least 10 logos a week...

- Kode - 2010-08-06

Yeah, it probably is a little bit intrusive, i'll have a play about, see what i can come up with Smile

- Kode - 2010-08-06

Ok i've moved the request button over to the right, not sure if it looks right, open to comments. Maybe instead of "I want this", just have a + and instead of "requested" just have a tick, though not sure if that would be a bit confusing?

something like:




- hikaricore - 2010-08-06

Oversimplification might confuse people imho.
You know the caliber of human being found on the internet on average. ^_-

- Kode - 2010-08-06

true enough, just not sure I like the overhanging look that much.

- Danielocean - 2010-08-06

two logos for german tv shows...

Alarm für Cobra 11 on english wikipedia...

Der letzte Bulle on german wikipedia...

feel free to add them to lockstockstuff.com; i have no account there...

- hikaricore - 2010-08-07

Why don't you make one?

- Danielocean - 2010-08-07

thats a good question...
but cant find any answer... so i will do it Wink

- zilexa - 2010-08-08

I'd like to request a logo, it's embarrassing but not having a logo is ugly.. it's for my girl (duh): The Game.

- hikaricore - 2010-08-08

Do I keep having to tell you people to request logos on lockstock?

- Kode - 2010-08-08

Apparently you do ;P

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