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- zwat - 2010-10-06

i tried one easy one. hope it's good enough

- zwat - 2010-10-06

guess it wasn't up to par. what was wrong with it? maybe i can learn for next logos or i just will make em for myself. i don't have to high standards. Big Grin

- hikaricore - 2010-10-06

I didn't recognize your name on any of the logos I approved/disapproved today.
You would have received an email with info about what was wrong with it, generally I give detail.

- zwat - 2010-10-06

ohh right i'm teevee tried to make the MAD logo

- hikaricore - 2010-10-06

With a logo as old and common as MAD there are plenty of better sources than the one you used which isn't very good quality. It's nothing personal but if we don't stick to pretty strict rules and guidelines on logos we'd end up with an archive of crap. ClearArt often suffers from this very issue which is sad because it had such great potential.

Here is your image

And the email reply explaining the issue
Denied by: hikaricore
Reason: Text is pixelated and grainy. Please clean up and resubmit.

- zwat - 2010-10-06

ahh i see. ur deny mail got in junk folder. sorry for nagging Smile yea it was really pixelated. not sure why i didn't see that. i'll give it one more try to get it good or i'll give up trying to make logos. i hardly know how to work with photoshop so using too much time just getting small stuff done. should i post the logo here or try a new upload to lockstockmods?

- hikaricore - 2010-10-06

Always post to lockstock Smile

- mcborzu - 2010-10-07

@Kode or anyone

I was curious how does the site or the script decide which Logo gets downloaded via the script. What gets priority when there are multiples?

- ppic - 2010-10-07

the one with no number, like it was wanted, should be the 'best ones'

- Kode - 2010-10-07

Could add the ability for people to vote on which is the best logo and that be the one that's returned first.

To be honest Sranshaft was going to do a redesign and we could have incorporated this kind of stuff into it, but not spoken to him in months.

- zwat - 2010-10-07

damn seems i messed up another ul. came up twice on ganges request. must be my browser who went crazy.

- thezoggy - 2010-10-09

noticed that Law & Order: Los Angeles (168161) can't be added to lockstockmod so here is the logo.png if anyone wants it (I don't have the law and order font installed-- Friz-Quadrata, when I get around to installing it I'll make a better version).


- UserInterface - 2010-10-09

These are most likely not good enough to get uploaded but it's better then nothing if anyone is missing the same ones.






- hikaricore - 2010-10-10

Most of those are fine except for minor cropping issues at the bottom of a couple and Sam and Max needs to be bottom aligned.
The only one that wouldn't be accepted for a major reason is Ned and Stacey because it is entirely the wrong size.
If you want to correct these issues feel free to submit them.

- thezoggy - 2010-10-11

I posted my logo for World Series of Poker (looks great on white) but when using Confluence I noticed it was not so great. So I upped another version but it looks like only the first one got accepted. Here is my WSOP logo for those with black/dark themes:


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