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- hikaricore - 2010-10-16

You just need to take a close look at your logos and compare them to others we have on the site and ask if they're good enough for wide distribution. I've made hundreds more logos than I've submitted but since they weren't good enough I kept them to myself. It's not that we don't appreciate you submitting them but they need to be quality. Like I've said in the past we don't want another clearart on our hands where people just churn out half-assed images because others have done it before them.

All things considered the ones you've had denied are mild compared to some of the junk we've gotten. If only there were a way for me to show you guys the 500ish images we've had to deny. Some of them were utter garbage, while some just needed simply fixes. The sad thing is people didn't care to be bothered fixing them and we never saw em again.

- zwat - 2010-10-16

ait. i'll try make more logos. i don't really know how to repair the logos i make. got trouble with curves is seems Big Grin

- myth512 - 2010-10-16

I am having a problem with one logo. I have changed it a few times and now it is stuck on a logo and I cannot change it anymore. I have tried to delete the folder and remove it from the library and putting it all back fresh, but it keeps the same old logo in library mode and I can not get rid of it. Is there anyway to get rid of it so I can put a different logo up?

- hikaricore - 2010-10-16

Refresh the series or clear xbmc's image cache.
This has been covered a number of times already.

- KOROR - 2010-10-17


First of all I apologize for my request being of poor quality, I missed your post regarding image quality even though it was on the same page as my request. I will try my best to find quality images if I make a request in the future.
You mention 2 logos for the series being on lockstock, what is and where do I find lockstock?

Thanks for the time/worj you put into this thread.

- hikaricore - 2010-10-17

The link to the clearlogo section of lockstock is on the first post of the thread right where it's always been. All logo requests go there, however as I previously asked I would like people to stop requesting new series and start providing info so that we can make logos. Since my request about 25 new series have been requested... *sigh*

- hikaricore - 2010-10-17

Props to markhoney btw he's been pounding out logos all weekend. ^_^

- Kode - 2010-10-18

I have disabled the new requests temporarily with the message:
Quote:New Requests are currently disabled while we attempt to reduce the massive amount of requests outstanding. Feel free to help out by uploading images for currently pending requests.
I could also do some purging if useful? Something like requests over 40 days old with 2 or less requesters?
Perhaps when someone requests a logo it should ask them for more info? Like links to high quality artwork etc?

- Kode - 2010-10-18

Also I have been waiting for Sranshaft to send some mockups for a new design, but last time I spoke to him he was ill, and I've not seen him since, so if anyone else wants to help out with a new design let me know.

I will try and find the mockups he sent me, but to be honest I've formatted this machine since, so they are probably lost.

I am also still waiting for some tutorials on creating the logos that a couple of people have promised me *looks pointedly in their direction* that I can upload to help people create new logos.

- hikaricore - 2010-10-18

Thanks for the temporary lockdown man.
I've been meaning to do a gimp tutorial but it's just so hard to find time these days.
That's why I made the big post about people providing art and fonts for these shows.
By the time I've made 4-5 logos I've already invested a couple hours into searching and tinkering and I have so much other shit to do.
Kinda bummed that not one person has responded to my post yet..

- ppic - 2010-10-18

doesn't mean that no ones have read it Wink

- hikaricore - 2010-10-18

With 409 series pending logos I was expecting atleast one reply.
Maybe I should ask mcborzu to add my request to the first post.

- mcborzu - 2010-10-18

hikaricore Wrote:With 409 series pending logos I was expecting atleast one reply.
Maybe I should ask mcborzu to add my request to the first post.


- ppic - 2010-10-19

i'll also add an advertisement on the script for contribution Wink

could be good if there was a link to this topic on lockstockmods

- hikaricore - 2010-10-19

mcborzu Wrote:Done...

Thanks. ^_^

One thing you might want to add is my example from the next post:


Quote:Series: An Idiot Abroad
Artwork Link(s):
Font: Unknown
Additional Info: Sorry these are the best and highest res images I could find where the text was clear and undamaged by image compression, thanks in advance for making this!

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