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- Kolabor - 2010-09-29

Erm... Maybe I'm cloning wrong repo? Could You give me proper address of it?

- spiff - 2010-09-29

there's only one address, git://xbmc.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/xbmc/scrapers.

the git has several branches. if you update your git, you will notice all the files vanish, cause we purged the master branch to avoid these issues yesterday. you need to checkout the dharma-pre branch. i have no clue how you do it in tortoise, with a proper git client you simply do 'git checkout dharma-pre'

- Kolabor - 2010-09-29

I'll see later after work. Looks like I've cloned it badly.

- Kolabor - 2010-09-29

Got it spiff. TortoiseGIT by default switches to master branch and I was operating on it. There is an option for branches switching. Right now I've switched to dharma-pre and there is a directory structure as You described previously. So THIS time it should be good.

Time for some translations Wink

- Kolabor - 2010-09-29

Spiff, could You check http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10369 attached zip file? Only three patches this time to check if it's ok.

- spiff - 2010-09-29

these look fine. please include the directory name in the commit message so i don't have to open the files to see which add-on they are for.

- Kolabor - 2010-10-02

Spiff, first part of Polish patches is done. Grab them from http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10369. The zip file is "scrapers_polish_patch-1.zip".

- Kolabor - 2010-10-06

Second (and last) part of patches is done: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10369

- KymyA - 2010-10-06

I am willing to translate anything from English into Italian, my mother tongue.
If anyone wants my help, please feel free to contact me. I have translated some scripts and plugins (see Notepad, etc..Smile

- slash - 2010-10-06

I could help translate from english to french.

let me know.


- spiff - 2010-10-06

please, have at it! all translations are most welcome.

- Ramius - 2010-11-08

I opened 2 new tickets on trac, but seems like it's not the way to submit translation? Can anyone tell me did I made any mistakes?


- spiff - 2010-11-08

as you were told, the add-ons aren't maintained by us. as such, you have to send the patches directly to the author / the upstream. the easiest way to achieve that is to sign up to the mailing list https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/xbmc-addons
that way you can reach all authors in a single place. then just send a mail with a subject ala [plugin.image.flickr] [PATCH] chinese translation

- Ramius - 2010-11-08

So that means I can only use trac for scrapers' translation only? but not for plugins and skins?

- spiff - 2010-11-08

just use the mailing list for everything. we read that as well. some scrapers are ours, some have an upstream. just send them all to the ml and we'll handle those that are ours from there.

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