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(XBMC Live) A way to convert EAC3 to AC3 sound streams live ? - msevestre - 2010-05-02


here is my problem: I installed latest XBMC Live and it's running perfectly except for French HD TV channels (using a HD Homerun): their sound is EAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus).

Sound stream is seen as DD+, but I have no sound.
Link to my Sony decoder is done using optical cable and it does not handle EAC3 decoding.

I guess that XBMC is sending as it the sound stream and that my decoder reject it as is does not recognize it.

Is there a way to "tell" to XBMC to "convert" EAC3 streams to AC3 ?


- Izod517 - 2010-05-02

Pretty sure you cannot transcode on the fly via XBMC, which I'm assuming would be required for what you're asking - although to be honest I'm not very familiar with EAC3. Does downmixing work?

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