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Credits - mcborzu - 2010-05-15

No one really reads the credit section inside of a skin I wanted to say thanks a little more visible. Hard to put them in correct order but here they are:

Ayala - I don't know him but his Noir concept really got the skinning juices flowing. Without that concept I might not have had the motivation...

Hitcher - I used a Alaska build from late December as my base, so his work really helped my learning curve.

Ronie - Always one of the first to answer questions and T! is one of the first skins I compare and check how things are done.

hikaricore - Everyone should thank him, he created around 400 logos and he gave me the most feedback for the skin.

Jezz_X - Answers questions, and I used alot of confluence for those dialogs/windows I don't really care about

Xpirence Team - I got the idea for those 3d covers from EqUiNoX. Plus I peeked at there code to see how to do things

CF2009 - For the favorite script

Anyone who commented and took the time to test the skin and give a little feedback.